1997 BMW 328i proves the Strength of BMW’s Old Machine

1997 BMW 328i

www.ibucar.com – Choosing the most appropriate sedan for supporting the daily life is sometimes dilemmatic. We are facing the fast changing technologies that makes every car manufacturer is capable in making the great specification car. One of them is 1997 BMW 328i, a sedan car that is fulfilled with the presence of spacious features and engine specifications.

It also carries the most impressive design at that time, the beauty of the design can even make it still appropriate to be ride as today’s car. Although it is already old, many people are looking for this stuff because the performance is never exhausted. To make sure that 1997 BMW 328i is the appropriate car to choose, you have to pay attention toward all the features, specs and all the information about this car. You can start from the design.

1997 BMW 328i
1997 BMW 328i

This car is basically one of the 4 door sedan that are ever released by BMW. This is a proportional body shape for a city car. Sedan is pretty much comfortable to be used cross city or in the city road itself. You will have the great performance of car through all of its concepts. It awesome body determines how the car performance will show.

Interior parts of this car are also not so far away from all the new cars that are invented these recent times. It is good to ensure about the part of the interior as well. Because this car is front engine, it means that the rear side of the car is free and can be used as cargo. You can ensure about the width and the size of the cargo for better carriage during travel.

The engine of 1997 BMW 328i will also support all of your needs. It has 2.8 liter engine size that is supported by using 6 cylinder power plants. The presence of the engine is really environmental friendly. Overall performance of the car will not enough if we are only seen the interior and exterior. Under the hood, you will find a very strong engine. The engine is having spacious 6 powers.

Based on the test, the power can have 193 horsepower when the engine reaches 5300 rpm. Then for the torque, you will get 207 lb. ft. in the 3950 rpm. Engine of 1997 BMW 328i is not only capable for producing better power. You will also get better speed from this type of engine.

The car can run up to 147 mph. The engine performance can reach 6.4 seconds for reaching 0 to 60 mph. It means that the sedan is pretty fast for such a car that made long time ago. The presence of great engine quality will not make the fuel economy is pretty low. You can check that the fuel economy is reaching 13.5 liter for 100 kilometers. It is tested in the combined road condition. So, all the performance of the 1997 BMW 328i has made many people select the car as their choice. The used price is around $1,500 to $8,000 and it depends on the car condition.

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