2005 Ford Thunderbird for Elegant and Unique Style of Driving

www.ibucar.com – One of the most popular cars from Ford is 2005 Ford Thunderbird. Generally, this car is designed in convertible model with two seats and open type roof. The first generation went to market in 1955 with unique and classic design to attract more customers. This car had received many awards and honors from prominent automotive magazine and other institutions for many aspects, especially in design and engine. Manufacturer put a lot of upgrades from first variant and 2005 model belongs to the last generation that reaches eleventh stage of refinement. Ford has long plan to revive this car with new and modern appearance, but it still has problem to put into production. Therefore, this car had made history in automotive market and many customers feel pleased with high standard of specifications.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Review

People might call this vehicle as personal luxury car because it has many equipment and specifications that intend to bring joyful in driving. 2005 Ford Thunderbird is for niche market and specific customer based on official marketing purpose, then goes wider to get more people enjoy this car. On market, it competes with several prominent brands from Europe and United States, so the manufacturer tries to bring the best product with high-tech engine and sophisticated design. Thunderbird 11th generation is put into production in 2001 until 2005 then this model is no longer available for customers.

Since this car is not new product, automotive fans regard it as classic and old-fashioned car that worth to collect. 2005 Ford Thunderbird uses retro style at exterior with two headlamps in big circle and convertible roof on top. Car roof consists of soft and hardtop, so you can slide half way or completely open it to direct air. Personal luxury car tends to be smaller or people might see that it’s similar with city vehicle. However, Ford produces Thunderbird in standard size as sedan or small SUV.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Specs

Despite this car is no longer in production, 2005 ford thunderbird still has excellent specification compared to several competitors. On engine room, you will find 3.8-liter capacity with V8 type. As it mentioned above, new generation on this car went to market in 1955 and the last model is 2005. This car has been through many engine upgrades every year, so fifty long years on market is not small thing for such popular car. The platform of thunderbird based on Ford DEW98 and engine cabin is located on front side of the car. In addition, driving mode is the rear wheel style with five-automatic suspension.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Specs

2005 Ford Thunderbird Specs

People love this car because the engine can boost high power, in spite of personal luxury segment. If the car design uses more modern touch, you might think it as truly sport coupe vehicle from outside appearance. The length of this car is 4.7 meters and width is 1.8 meters, so the size is not really small for retro style car. Since the platform of this product comes from another Ford line-up, wheelbase size is 2.7 meter and quite similar. Manufacturer plans to sell this car at 20,000 units per year then this expectation is fulfilled with more than 30,000 cars go to customers. You cannot ignore this number as the market is very appreciative for this, especially 2005 Ford Thunderbird.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Interior

The next interesting side on this car is interior design. As luxury car, all of part on interior is very sophisticated and advanced to make driver feel convenient. As coupe, it has two seats on front for driver and passenger. Seats cover is made from high quality leather and equipped with strong seat belt. Moreover, the manufacturer realizes that luxury is not just what people see from outside, but what driver feel when sit behind the wheel. Front dashboard holds many panels and compartment to support the driver. 2005 Ford Thunderbird might not have touchscreen panel as similar with recent car product, but all of panels are very advanced compared to standard car in that time.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Interior

2005 Ford Thunderbird Interior

2005 Ford Thunderbird 0-60

Even though this car is not fully designed in sporty type, its engine can produce excellent power to make the driver more excited. 2005 Ford Thunderbird uses V8 engine, so you will reach 60 mph in less than seven second. Speed is not strong side of this car, though it has been on many upgrades every year. Since 1977, this car is part of well-known racing competition in United States then won several times. The old model in 1980s made history as it could reach 200 mph in racing event. All of record, winning session, and awards are the best proof to show people about the car capability and ability. For market oriented model, driver still gains more than what it looks from outside.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Parts

Exterior side of this car is very stunning from front and rear view. If you like retro style car, 2005 Ford Thunderbird has to be the top choice on your mind. In 2003, this car was used as vehicle for one of popular spy movie, so you can see the car quality. 2005 Thunderbird is the most advanced type as Ford put many excellent tools and panels. It has VVT or variable valve timing to assist driver nicely and also the throttle control in electronic mode. Both of panels are new and can be found from 2002 model until the last 2005 version.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Colors

2005 Ford Thunderbird consists of three main colors for exterior and interior sides. There are sky blue, dessert grey, and coral to make this car more appealing. Some colors are no longer available due to the changing style into retro model. As you might know, 10th generation of Thunderbird is not completely luxury car because the design is like normal sedan. One of promising color for Thunderbird is combination black and red or people call it as retro tone. Black on exterior side shows the strong and elegant with red interior cover on cabin. Manufacturer puts silver to accompany the previous three ones and change white accent from its predecessor.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Problems

No car is perfect. It is good expression as every product has its own characteristic. The problems in 2005 Ford Thunderbird are the market segmentation and design. Manufacturer wants to put something new for specific customer, but some models are not really personal luxury type. Ford changes market segmentation for this car several times due to the sales performance. The last one is revival to original purpose of Thunderbird. Furthermore, retro style is good from outside, but not for interior part. Manufacturer tries to maintain consistency of style then bring it into all of sides of the car. It is not a problem for small and niche market, but another customer likes to have this car for engine reason.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Engine Swap

Thunderbird is one of good car for racing, so some engines might not definitely genuine. The capability to put another part from different kind of engine is one of advantage on this car. You might see it with powerful Mustang engine on front side. Moreover, 2005 Ford Thunderbird shares same platform with other products. Therefore, the engine swap is possible, though it has to be adjusted carefully.

2005 Ford Thunderbird vs Mustang

2005 Ford Thunderbird vs Mustang

2005 Ford Thunderbird vs Mustang

Another good car from Ford is Mustang. Originally, manufacturer puts Thunderbird and Mustang in different class. Mustang tends to be sportier with high engine capability, while Thunderbird seems lower. However, the last generation of Thunderbird has more refinement on engine to exhausts similar power with Mustang 4th generation. If you like sturdy and bold design as sporty car, Mustang is on the top list. Meanwhile, for people who want to feel difference, 2005 Ford Thunderbird is the best car to put on garage.

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