2016 Ford Bronco Interior and Specs

2016 Ford Bronco interior

Bronco is placed as the top car that customers want to wait for future release. 2016 Ford Bronco interior will undergo many changes. Besides interior, manufacturer upgrades the design, engine, safety measures, trims level, instrument, navigation system, and internet. New Wi-Fi adaptor is stalled to enhance connectivity.

The New Performance of 2016 Ford Bronco Interior

Before exploring the interior side, you should see exterior aspect of New Bronco. As full-size SUV, this car uses combination between modern and classic. Less curve but bold frame makes the car look sporty and aggressive. It is not sport car where the speed and acceleration are priority. SUV tends to deliver comfortable driving in any situation. Head and rear lamps are already LED to enhance the visibility.

To fulfill market demand and expectation, 2016 Ford Bronco interior will be completely upgraded. The seat consists of three-row mode. To extend space, you can fold last row to put more stuff. The car is designed with sound and vibration resistant. Second row is able to configure to let more passengers. At normal level, you can bring five to seven passenger in cabin, exclude driver.

2016 Ford Bronco interior
2016 Ford Bronco interior

Ford Bronco interior depends on which variant customers buy. Manufacturer plans to release Bronco in standard, sport, and Raptor series. As you know, this kind of production is familiar and good for sales. At front dashboard, you can see touchscreen display as similar to tablets. Screen size is between eight and ten. Some applications are installed to support driver. Moreover, internet connection is available with high-speed network. Driver will receive information such as weather, road, traffic, gas station, restaurant, etc.

Exploring interior with advanced technology does not mean forgetting engine and other specs. You are able to monitor engine status from 2016 Ford Bronco Interior. Some options can be implemented to create powerful SUV. Analysts predict Ford might use V8 or higher to this car. If engine is V6, the capacity and capability will be similar to Expedition.

Engine capacity starts from 4.0 liter to less than 6.0 liter. Having the SUV with engine more than 6.0 liter is quite unusual. If Ford still finds difficulty in engine, releasing Bronco as special and limited edition is a good idea. Expedition is customized with latest technology and premium equipment. The car transform from standard to high-performance variant.

Of course, 2016 Ford Bronco interior affects the price. Release date is still definite, even though two or more concept cars are already released. Automotive analysts expect price for this car start from $40,000 until more than $50,000. The numbers are indefinite, so you have to ask authorized dealer.

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