2016 Lynk Co 01 Concept with Marvelous Technology

Lynk & Co is a new car brand that comes from Sweden. First product that was introduced by Lynk & Co is known as 2016 Lynk Co 01 concept. Lynk & Co 01 is a bold SUV. Soon, Lynk & Co will release the 02 and 03 also 04 when they’re done with the 01. From distance, the 01 by Lynk & Co will look like European car but when you get closer you’ll see more details like intricate lights, interior leather, wide grille that is strong, and other wonderful technology.

2016 Lynk & Co 01 Concept Review Exclusive

Have you ever heard about CMA or Compact Modular Architecture? This is modular architecture that is advanced and is able to accommodate various body sizes and styles. Engineers and designers of Lynk & Co 01 decided to use the CMA to create 2016 Lynk Co 01 concept and the upcoming vehicles of Lynk & Co. That architecture combined with powertrains range will develop the strong vehicle that is lightweight, efficient, and full of awesome technology also fun to ride.

Inside the new 2016 Lynk Co 01 concept we will find awesome technologies that make our life easier. The entire Lynk & Co cars will get big central touchscreen also telematics systems. Both are connected to internet also cloud that is owned by the car. Lynk & Co also complements the new 01 with share button that allows the owner providing others with the access to vehicle via the digital key that is shareable.

2016 Lynk Co 01 Concept Specs Inside the Car

2016 Lynk Co 01concept has Lynk & Co app that allows everyone in the car to control, to monitor, also to share the car from smartphone or from car directly. New 01 by Lynk & Co will get incredible safety system such as forward collision warning, autonomous emergency brake, pedestrian detection that is completed with automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. Seems like the new 01 will be released in China somewhere in 2017 then Lynk & Co will then release it in Europe and United States of America. There is no clear information about the price yet.

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