2017 Ford Bronco for Future SUV

Ford Bronco 2016 Price

www.ibucar.com – First generation of Bronco was released in 1966. Ford created this car as sport utility vehicle, but in small category. Five generation had been launched and officially discontinued in 1996. More than twenty years, Bronco is still in safe box and ready to revive. For 2017 Ford Bronco, you will expect to get much refinements and updates.

It is not easy to produce new car, even from old brand. Ford has two vehicles which contain potential platform for Bronco. Pickup truck and SUV are the categories to let Bronco enter the market. However, SUV market is very tough. Ford has Expedition for this class and F-150 for pickup. Both of them resemble Bronco in term of class and engine.

Comparison with 2016 Ford Bronco

Automotive fans still wait 2017 Ford Bronco to come into market, though manufacturer has not launched it officially. In 2016, there is rumor about 2016 Ford Bronco. From 2016 to 2017, you might not find significant differences because Ford still put on hold this car. However, the next generation will share similar platform and wheelbase with other products. Ford has agreement with another automaker in this matter. Another speculation is using F-150 or Expedition chassis.

Ford Bronco 2016 Price
Ford Bronco 2016 Price

2018 Ford Bronco

For 2018 model, analysts predict this car will use similar engine and minor alteration from 2017. The latest Bronco went on market in 1996. Ford announced this car would be no longer in production and Expedition becomes replacement of Bronco. Ford seems to put not much upgrade and refinement in Expedition since 2017 or third generation. As sport utility car, engine and performance are the top priority to satisfy customers.

2017 Ford Bronco Price Estimation

Initial price of 2017 Ford Bronco might start at $30,000. It is base price for Ford Explorer. However, the price is estimated to be more than $40,000. Full-size SUV is the car with many instrument and high-capacity engine. You hardly find vehicle in this category which has price less than $35,000. Of course, one category can be right choice for Ford to revive Bronco. Premium SUV is suitable for Bronco because the brand awareness is high. Company should consider the next generation of Bronco as premium or luxury car with the price more than $50,000.


2017 Ford Bronco will use two engine models: V8 and V6. For high-performance, customers need V8 engine with capacity more than 5 liter. Bronco is suitable for this engine. As you know, V8 is rare to find in SUV, unless the vehicle is intended for off-road activity. Second engine is V6 with capacity around 3.5 liter. With such engine, this car is estimated to produce more than 350 horsepower.

Manufacturer will put many features in this car. Touchscreen display becomes standard equipment in future vehicle. You can use application to check car condition such as engine, fuel consumption, tire pressure, towing capability, etc. This car is equipped with internet connection. Driver can access navigation app to check traffic, destination, weather, and fastest route.

If 2017 Ford Bronco is based on Expedition, the transmission will be six-speed automatic and manual. The car is all-wheel drive and it is easy to handle in off-road situation. Car frame is from high quality material which firm and strong. All lights are LED and new grille is placed on the front. Its design will look slightly hardline type but smoother than old Bronco. Other features are traction control, anti-lock braking, parking censor, rear camera, blind spot alarm, and unfolded-mode for seats

Forthcoming 2020 Ford Bronco

It is difficult to predict future car without comparing it with others. In 2020, the car might turn into fully digital and eco-friendly engine. Gasoline and diesel will be replaced with electric and solar cell. Of course, the performance is more than 2017 Ford Bronco and it is easy to control. Driver and passenger can connect to internet easily with high-speed Wi-Fi. Moreover, every seat has its own display. The transmission is fully automatic. 2020 is less than five years from now, so the development of car might still similarity with today. You can easy see five years ago with current model. Is there any revolutionary alteration? Future Bronco focuses to engine and equipment to make the car more comfortable and easy to drive.

2020 Ford Bronco

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is one of flagship product of Ford. New generation of this car gets many upgrades to fulfill customer expectation and demand. Initial price is approximately $25,000. New Mustang and 2017 Ford Bronco will increase the sales of Ford in automotive market.

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