2017 Honda Ridgeline Review

2017 Honda Ridgeline Specs

www.ibucar.com – To welcome 2017 car market, Honda is planning to release 2017 Honda Ridgeline. This car is the part of Honda‚Äôs crew cab series. The manufacturer does not have so many model of vehicle for this series. That’s why Ridgeline is really awaited by Honda users that mostly do adventure or sport activity. With the crew cab design, you will have ample external cargo that can be used for various needs. Honda does some improvements for the specs, engine, features, interior and even the design. It makes the presence of Ridgeline is really impressive.

Overall developments are placed on the car engine. This vehicle also has great design and dimension. It has 125.2 wheelbases. The overall length of the car is 210 inches. Moreover, it has 78.6 inches of width and also 70.8 inches of height. The interior of the car can afford up to 110 cu ft of maximum coverage. The cargo of 2017 Honda Ridgeline is also considered to be comfortable as it has 7 cu ft of total carry. To strengthen the performance, it applies from 4250 to 4500 lb of curb weight.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Specs
2017 Honda Ridgeline Specs

2017 Honda Ridgeline vs Chevrolet Colorado

Discussing deeper about 2017 Honda Ridgeline specification, we cannot ignore about the presence of its awesome new engine. Some findings show that Ridgeline has higher specs than 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. Ridgeline is still supported by SOHC engine. It contains 24 valves with V6 engine version. Engine performance is considered to be impressive as it is completed by lot of impressive material.

Some of them are in the form of aluminum block. The head also has the similar base material as well. With its direct fuel injection system, you will have very low fuel consumption in all your day needs. Based on EPA ratings, it has 18 mpg of city driving and 26 maximum mpg of highway driving trial. Once you drive 2017 Honda Ridgeline along the road, you will be able to maximize its 212 cu in and 3471 cc of engine capacity. With the entire technology and engine version, Ridgeline can give you 280 horse power of maximum performance.

This limit can be reached once the engine gets 6000 rpm. However for the torque, you will also be surprised because it has 262 lb ft that can be achieved when it enters 4700 rpm. This balance the towing capacity of this truck based vehicle. Overall transmission system which will be able to use is 6 speed transmissions with its comfortable automatic gearbox.

2017 Honda Ridgeline vs. GMC Canyon

If we are comparing the debut of 2017 Honda Ridgeline with the other competitor review, we will see that GMC Canyon is one of the most productive series. Besides the similar design, both of the cars have nearly the same specification. In this case, Honda Ridgeline can have better rank in the market. The power of Honda in gaining customer is also proven by the presence of its awesome interior features. It does not only completed by full safety system, but you can also enjoy the entertainment system and many luxurious elements inside.

Meanwhile, the exterior is also needed to be checked as well. It comes with crew cab design that makes Honda put additional space at the rear cab. Now, the size of rear cab is much bigger than the previous. To ensure that every plan you have is going well, remember also to check about the interior seat capacity as well. Luckily, 2017 Honda Ridgeline will give you 4 maximum passengers inside. This is valuable because it can afford the ideal use of an adventure car.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Review
2017 Honda Ridgeline Review

2017 Honda Ridgeline vs. Toyota Tacoma!

Toyota is also welcome the coming of 2017 Honda Ridgeline with its newest crew cab based vehicle. Well, it is as your prediction. Toyota Tacoma 2017 will be the series to be head to head with Ridgeline and other diesel based engine. Both of them are using 4 wheel drives to gain a better power. 5 passengers are also optional if you can maximize the rear seat well.

One thing which makes this truck vehicle feels practical is all about the presence of 4 door design. It is different with 2 door model that makes everyone harder to come in and out for the second row. Pricing options for the car is also impressive as always. There are so many trims available. The base trim or the base price of the Ridgeline is only $30.375. It is followed by Sport series that has $33.915.

Then, for the best option called by Black Edition Ridgeline, you will need $47,770. The whole types of pricing are optional. It is all based on your need. Adjust the model and pick the best price that you really want to have. Each of the prices will have its own offer, benefits and also the cons. 2017 Honda Ridgeline release date will be announced soon in the first trimester of next year car market.

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