2017 Toyota Tacoma Interior with Comfortable Cabin

2017 Toyota Tacoma interior dimension

2017 Toyota Tacoma Interior – People start to see pickup vehicle as the choice for their daily transportation. In past time, this kind of vehicle was only for heavy duty such as carrying stuff or towing. Nowadays, you can easily see pickup in many roads. Tacoma is one of popular cars in this category and 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior has been upgraded to meet customer’s demand.

Before exploring interior side, let’s see the exterior and design of Tacoma. Front grille gets refinement to show the aggressive and bold appearance. This car is designed to handle towing, so at tailgate you will see certain structure to lock wire or cable. Manufacturer puts LED on head and rear lamp to enhance visibility.

2017 Toyota Tacoma interior dimension
2017 Toyota Tacoma interior dimension

Important part in 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior is its seats. Leather-trimmed makes the seats more comfortable to sit during long journey. As off-road vehicle, you need the excellent seats with capability to decrease shock. Moreover, the cabin uses two-row seats for TRD and Limited variants. SR variant only has one row. Even though the cabin size is different, overall car length is still the same regardless any variant. Each of seats is designed with high safety measure and the safety belts are ready to keep driver and passenger out of severe injuries.


In 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior, you can find moon roof on top and attractive panel at front dashboard. Moon roof is suitable to let sunlight pass through the cabin and it gives the additional light during daylight. You can see the outside directly. Useful indicators can be found such as for fuel, speed, engine rotation, etc. Toyota refines the dashboard with attractive display that shows many things such as navigation, traffic, weather, and route. You just need to press certain button to ignite the car and ready to enjoy journey.

As pickup, new Tacoma uses 3.5-liter engine. You will get powertrain more than 250 horsepower. It is enough to handle off-road, carrying stuff, or towing. This car is good for long journey. You can do hill driving without too much problems. To reach 100 km/h from zero, this car requires 3.9 seconds. Tacoma is not sport car, so don’t expect to use it at high speed driving. One reason why people buy Tacoma is about fuel efficiency. Comparison between this car and competitors shows the advantage from this point.

Initial price for SR model is $24,120. For TRD sport, you need to spend more than $30,000. Each of variants has specifics parts that increase the price. From 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior, you can estimate how much price will be needed to bring this car to garage.

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