2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems and Flaw from Customer View

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems – Problem on the car influences many things. If the product is new on market, the problem will make the sales significantly down. Existing brand might be survived when customers start to get problem in their car. However, it takes much time to regain trust and confidence in automotive industry. This matter can be seen from 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems.

Major problems come from body, engine, and transmission. Toyota launched new Tacoma in 2012 with several upgrades. New model might be still on market, but Toyota cannot ignore problem in this car. It is difficult to identify problem immediately, even though manufacturer incorporate high-quality assurance.

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems
2017 Toyota Tacoma problems

To identify 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems, you need to see what’s inside engine room. 2.5 liter V6 is ready to exhaust 279 horsepower. In term of powertrain, third generation uses different engine because previous model was designed with 4.0 liter.  Based on eligible testing, you can reach 60 mph from zero for 7.9 seconds. TRD Pro and Limited variants have faster speed of 0.6 second. It is not car for your street racing.

Toyota adds many upgrades in many sides. Exterior uses new grille with Toyota emblem. It enhances appearance of the car to look more aggressive. On the rear side, you can see tailgate and open trunk to support your duty. Specific part is available to hold car while towing. Maximum payload is 1440 lbs and 6800 lbs for towing. It is your good option for pickup truck.

All about 2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems

From specifications and features, you can see some major 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems. Acceleration is still major issue in new Tacoma. Automotive analysts stated this car is too slow compared to several vehicles in same category. You need 7.9 second to reach 60 mph. The problem may come from transmission which is only 6-speed automatic.

Toyota might need to learn more from competitors to create pickup truck with fuel efficacy, but more powerful engine. Several competitors have better fuel efficiency with more power. It is tough challenge for Tacoma. Latest generation seems to abandon central feature that’s very crucial to attract customers.

Even though it is not directly related, 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems can also be seen from price. Base price of this car is slightly higher than competitor at the same market and category. Customers will think twice before buying. Acceleration, powertrain, engine, design, and feature are important aspects to determine customers’ preference. However, you do not have to worry about after-service because Toyota is the top company with excellent score in this area.

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