Monthly Archive:: February 2017

All New 2016 BMW X6 M Released Soon – BMW starts to announce their efforts in fulfilling the top lineup of their SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle. This will be the hot news because BMW is really serious in preparing all the product of SAV

1997 BMW 328i proves the Strength of BMW’s Old Machine – Choosing the most appropriate sedan for supporting the daily life is sometimes dilemmatic. We are facing the fast changing technologies that makes every car manufacturer is capable in making the great specification car. One of

2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems and Flaw from Customer View

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems – Problem on the car influences many things. If the product is new on market, the problem will make the sales significantly down. Existing brand might be survived when customers start to get

1997 BMW 328i Secondary Air Pump Placement Options – Having BMW car means that you need to know some basic character about the car. The more you develop the car, the more you will understand about the power and the performance. 328i is one

2017 Ford Bronco for Future SUV – First generation of Bronco was released in 1966. Ford created this car as sport utility vehicle, but in small category. Five generation had been launched and officially discontinued in 1996. More than twenty years, Bronco

2018 Mazda CX-5 Redesign – Most people have their own preference about the best type of a car. Some of them prefer sport cars. Meanwhile, the rest prefer SUV. Sport car has expressive aerodynamic design. Meanwhile, the SUV has spacious