2018 Ford Escape Concept

www.ibucar.com – The 2018 Ford Escape uses latest technology manufactured by this leading automobile company. The concept combines fierce exterior and elegant interior design. So far, Ford is always able to satisfy the needs of its customers. Several vehicles have been manufactured with impressive features. Basic features on this sturdy vehicle include power-adjusted seat, infotainment system with LCD display, climate control, and audio speakers. In order to make driver and passenger feel convenience, leather upholstery is also used in each seat. Since the cabin space is generous, the passengers are able to fit in without feeling cramped. This vehicle is good for costumer who wants to bring the whole family on trip.

2018 Ford Escape redesign

2018 Ford Escape redesign

As a powerful SUV, it uses the best engine to generate power for the car. It uses 1.6 liter of machine to generate power up to 178 horsepower. The same machine is also able to create torque up to 184 lb ft. The rumor says that machine used in this luxury car is able to conserve fuel consumption. Therefore, it is suitable for long trip driving. In order to respond with market demand that prefers automatic transmission, Ford Escape uses the same transmission with six levels of speed. This system provides good performance by smooth and easy handling.

From specs listed above, it is normal to expect this car to be expensive. Up until now, the manufacturer has not confirmed the exact price of this car. However, several automobile development experts can calculate that the cost will reach $35,000. That number is definitely worth sophisticated features and machines under the hood. The manufacturer is also not mention yet when the product will be released. Some speculations say that the release date for this luxury SUV is right before 2018 ended. For fixed cost and date, we still have to wait for official announcement at the upcoming year.

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