2019 Ford Ranger Overview

2019 Ford Ranger

www.ibucar.com – Auto fans are starting to wait for the release of 2019 Ford Ranger. This car continues the series of Ranger in the different ways. There are so many new improvements to the car appearance as well as the engine. It makes many auto fans are curious about the overall performance and test drive of the car. In the same time, this truck has some competitors that are great as well. They include Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier and so on. This is reasonable because they have the same lineup on automotive market. Now, it is the time for quality and performance to act.

2019 Ford Ranger Facelift Issue

Before you drop the final choice, you should have some review about 2019 Ford Ranger. From the design and exterior, we can see that this car still has the value of older Ford Ranger. However, the presence of new grille, bumper and some detailed design make it has newer atmosphere. The modern look can be achieved well by this truck. Moreover, it can be another consideration or people who love double cab or single cabin based truck model. Beside the exterior that seems to be rounded, you will also receive lot of chrome themed elements which more luxurious sensation.

2019 Ford Ranger
2019 Ford Ranger

In fact, all the performance of 2019 Ford Ranger exterior gives the impacts for people to strengthen their choice to this vehicle. For the ex-user of 2017 Ford GT, they will also consider to choose this version that move to the other manufacturer. Then, consider also about the car interior. This truck is followed also by using the special electrical power steering technology. It gives you comfortable way of twirling the wheel everywhere you want. The maneuvers are also made to be tighter than before. However, it will still make the car is driven lightly.

2019 Ford Ranger Specification

For your information, the design of the car cabin is so close to a very luxurious car performance. There are some elements that will help you realize the comforts. It includes the presence of touchscreen, intuitive user interface and some function for entertainment, safety as well as the other car function. One thing which is attractive from 2019 Ford Ranger is the presence of its spacious and comfortable driving position. The engine is also impressive as always. It applies 3.2 liter of base diesel turbo engine that can produce 147kW in 3000rpm and 47Nm of torque in 1500 rpm.

2019 Ford Ranger
2019 Ford Ranger

Based on the specs, we can see that to achieve 0-60, the time needed will be less than 5 seconds. However, it also depends on the new specs that are totally different than the older one. As the newest truck from Ford, this vehicle is awaited by consumers in 3 years later.

Considering about the specification, we can see that 2019 Ford Ranger has the same market lineup with Chevy Colorado. Both of them have trim for double and single cabin for auto users. That is why the presence of car color variants, fuel economy based on EPA and also new safety features are added. Tough truck style now requires the development of appearance as well. Engine is primary, but the look is important as well. At least, its specification breakdown can make you easier to choose.

Mostly, Ford will launch their car in the biggest auto show of the year. So, it depends on the auto show in 2019. The offered price tag for 2019 Ford Ranger dealer trade starts from $37,800 up to $44,700. It is reasonable since the car really works well for any road surface and speed. Therefore, you will never regret to bring it home.

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