All New 2016 BMW X6 M Released Soon

2016 BMW X6M Specs – BMW starts to announce their efforts in fulfilling the top lineup of their SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle. This will be the hot news because BMW is really serious in preparing all the product of SAV in the previous time. One of the series that will be introduced is 2016 BMW X6 M. This car is also belonging to be one of the most luxury cars that bring the sport theme. All the appearance of this car is pretty unique because it looks like a coupe, but it is actually a sedan with huge sized cargo at the rear side.

2016 BMW X6 M Specs

Some recent news about this car is already spread out. It can be concluded by the release of some 2016 BMW X6 M specification info as well as some of the feature inside. This car is not only spacious from the outside, but when you are looking at the hood of the car, you will also see the great engine supports which exist. The engine is using V8 power that can produce for about 567 horsepower in its maximum performance. The torque which will be produced is around 553. Those powers can be reached by the various engine performances around 5,000 to 6,500 RPM.

2016 BMW X6M Specs
2016 BMW X6M Specs

The engine is fully supported with 8 speed transmission system. To ensure the comfort as well as the performance, the transmission is using M Steptronic technology. This makes all the gear movements are running smoothly. It creates great acceleration as well shown in the car’s test drive. The result of 2016 BMW X6 M test drive is pretty impressive. This 4.4 liter engine can reach only 4 seconds when it is through 0-60 mph speed test. With all these features, this X6M might run up to 155 mph of maximum speed.

2016 BMW X6 M Price

The impressiveness of 2016 BMW X6 M makes so many people curious especially about the exact price and also the release date. To ensure that we get the actual information, it is good to wait the official information from the manufacturer as usual. The most updated auto news said that this car will be launched to the market in this year with $113,095 of MSRP price. However, for the actual release date, there is no information yet. The official clarifies that it will be dropped about the second or third trimester of 2016.

2016 BMW X6 M Interior

When we talk about 2016 BMW X6 M, it is almost impossible to not discuss about the car interior. However, it does not mean that we can ignore the exterior as well. From the outside, you will see that the dimension of the car is pretty impressive. It can be seen from the overall size of the car. The length is 193.8 inches, its width is 78.3 inches and the height is 66.5 inches. It is also completed with the wheelbase which is around 155.5 inches. The interior is also great and ample because it has better leg room and head room. There is 40.3 inch of leg room which is supported with 39.9 of head room.

2016 BMW X6 M Interior
2016 BMW X6 M Interior

Overall interior of the car is raising the performance of 2016 BMW X6 M. With all of the sporty and futuristic design, you will see the inside area which is fulfilled by 5 seat of maximum passengers. The passenger volume is still belonging to TBD. One impressive thing about this car is all the interior entertainment features. You will get the greatest utility includes connectivity and top lined audio system as well. One thing which is really attractive is all about the cargo. It has 59.7 cu. ft. of maximum cargo volume.

2016 BMW X6 M White

Color will be the main consideration when we want to choose a car. Although the spy shots are showing the presence of 2016 BMW X6 M with the unclear color, the official has mentioned about the white paint for their new car. The white series are divided into two. The first one is Alpine White and the second one is Mineral White Metallic. Overall both of the color options are the same. However, you can decide which one you like the most. White colored X6M will be great for woman. It can be seen by the presence of some accessories like the rear bumper, all new grilles, dynamic mirror design as well as some other parts that are already exist to welcome this car.

2016 BMW X6 M Black

As we know, it seems impossible if a car is fully launched without any black variants. That is why most of the people are considering waiting the car. Some leaked photos has shown that black will be one of the color that occupy the whole body of the all-new 2016 BMW X6 M. You can check some review of this car especially the user of black color in the previous series. The color is very hard to be faded and it is durable as you hope. The black color options are having similar options with 1997 BMW 328i; it offers Black Sapphire Metallic and Carbon Black Metallic.

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