The Best Way to Do 1997 BMW 328i Tune Up

1997 BMW 328i tune up – Have a car that has more than 10 years of age will need more efforts. The efforts are specially placed in the way you treat the car around the engine, the body parts as well as the overall performance. One of the cars which are old is BMW 328i. 1997 BMW 328i tune up is totally needed to be done at least twice a year. The old cars are easily leaked and the parts are easily damaged.

If you are often doing the tune up, any wrong thing can be fixed to avoid them getting further. Before you bring your car to the tune up service, it is better for you to know about the basic spec of your car first. With the 2.8 liter of engine, this car will also support by the presence of inline 6 cylinder. It creates a very good engine works which can produce for about 190 horsepower.

1997 BMW 328i tune up
1997 BMW 328i tune up

While ensuring 1997 BMW 328i tune up, you can also check how is the amount of maximum engine performance which can be produced by this car. You can start with the horsepower and the torque as the consideration. Torque amount of this vehicle is 206 lb. ft. in 3950 rpm of engine works. With 10.2:1 of compression ratio, this car power is considered to be more than average.

The fuel economy of the car is basically 20 mpg for the city driving. Somehow when you use the car in the highway, it will be about 29 mpg. To reach that number, you have to use multi point injection fuel type. Somehow, the fuel capacity of this car is 16.4 gallons. When you do not reach the fuel economy number, your engine might be on problem which means that you need 1997 BMW 328i tune up soon.

The whole engine specification and performance of this car made the price under $8,000 is really considerable. That price is for the car with great condition. If the condition of the car does not well, it can be under $3,000. With the presence of high technology and engine works, you can be sure about the result of 1997 BMW 328i tune up that you do. Tune up progress should also be noted so you know the actual condition of your car time to time. Beside the routine of tune up, some exterior and interior body treatment is also needed. It will surely complete all the car treatment for sure.

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