2016 BMW 330e Comes With Stronger Engine

www.ibucar.com – When we look at some predecessor of BMW 3 series, we will see the strong character from this car. These cars belong to the vehicle which has a pretty impressive performance both for the formal and informal needs. One the newest series that will be introduced is 2016 BMW 330e. This is a sedan car that has a very impressive performance as well as the previous predecessor. It designed to fulfill the need of people with luxury sensation and spacious engine performance.

2016 BMW 330e Review

Some new impressions are added to this car. The reviews from the owner and tester of 2016 BMW 330e are also starting to spread out. This information is really valuable especially if you really want to get the best car to buy. The car has some improvements in the design and look. The lines are made to be crisper. Although it represents all new sensation of sedan, the passion and character of BMW is still exist in the car. Well, we can know it from the presence of spitted grille as well as all the BMW cars.

2016 BMW 330e interior
2016 BMW 330e interior

When you look closely, the headlights are also made to be narrower than the older version. It is impressed to give the spacious sensation of futuristic design. This new design of 2016 BMW 330e remind us to the other new car which will be introduced soon, well it is 2016 BMW X6M. Although both of the car occupying the different lineup, you will see that both of them are pretty valuable to be buy this year. Decided to be the luxury sedan does not make this car appear so classy. Sporty looks can still be impressed well by this vehicle.

2016 BMW 330e M Sport

Most of the M Sport lineups of BMW are bringing the better improvements time to time. It can be concluded by the presence of its simple appearance both for the interior and exterior. You can first notice the presence of this character from the design of 2016 BMW 330e and 2016 BMW X1 which will be introduced in the same time. Although the actual time does not mention yet, the launch could be predicted to be together as they will not launched separately. Sporty sense is also strongly represented though the car interior.

The dashboard of 2016 BMW 330e is fulfilled by lots of features such as the 6.5 inch screen, stereo sounds, navigation and many more. The simplicity will also remind us of the 1997 BMW 328i that has the similar character with this 3 series of BMW. There is also a camera that can be functioned well to check the distance of your car with the others in front of you. This feature is really needed because this car has large dimension. The length is 182.5 inches, its width is 71.3 inches and the height is 56.3 inches. It also helped by the presence of wheelbase which reach 110.6 inches.

2016 BMW 330e Specs
2016 BMW 330e Specs

2016 BMW 330e Specs

Now, it is the time for us to look at the stuff under the hood. This part is always interesting because we can easily determine the performance, the power of the car and decide to purchase it or not at all. Let’s start with the engine inside 2016 BMW 330e. Actually, there will be some version in the car lineup. The first is the entry level options of engine. This car is having 2.0 liter engine size with its 4 cylinder support. It can produces 180 horsepower with 200 lb. ft. of torque. This is little bit different with the diesel version of the other 3 series. The diesel version might gain larger torque which reach 280 lb. ft.

The performance of 2016 BMW 330e will never be known if we never bring them into the test drive track. Luckily, the test drive result has been very clear. This car is capable to produce better HP and Torque than its estimation. It reaches 184 horsepower and its 2015 lb. ft. Somehow the electric motor can give you 76 horsepower. When it comes to 0-60 engine test, the car is capable to only spend 5.9 seconds of time. You can even bring the car up to the maximum speed that reach 130 mph.

2016 BMW 330e Price

Bunch of advantages are offered by BMW for every user of their newest car product. This car is having 22 mpg city drive and 33 mpg of highway with automatic transmission. However, when you use the manual version, you can reach 20 mpg of city drive and 29 mpg of the highway driving. This makes 2016 BMW 330e is reasonable to be sold around $44,695 of its MSRP price. With the affordable pricing, this new car from BMW is predicted to reach the greatest selling achievement for this year’s auto market.

2016 BMW X1 is intended for Luxury Seekers

www.ibucar.com – The presence of various car series from BMW makes the consumers are easier in choosing the best one to be bought. Almost all the series and lineup are fulfilled by the high quality and specification of car. One of the most awaited cars because of its impressive features is 2016 BMW X1. This is a car that belongs to the compact luxury vehicle series from BMW. The presence of the car is pretty special as it combines the affordable price with the luxury car performance.

2016 BMW X1 Review

So, what are interesting from 2016 BMW X1? You can see some review about this vehicle. Although it has been introduced several times, it is always awaited by some fans of the car. Most of the reviews are commonly limited to the appearance and overall design. The born of the car is having the similar time with the other series, 2016 BMW X6 M. Although they are intended for different market of the car, the response of the society and auto fans toward the cars are pretty impressive.

2016 BMW X1 Specs

One thing which makes people curious about this car is all about the presence of 2016 BMW X1 specification and engine performance. You do not need to doubt about the power which given by BMW. This car is really adorable to be used for city race as well as urban drift. It comes with the presence of 2.0 liter engine size. This size is working greater with the presence of turbocharged technology and its four cylinder performance. Some versions of the car are also offered with different engine size based.

2016 bmw x1 specs
2016 bmw x1 specs

With this engine, 2016 BMW X1 is available to gain 140 horsepower. Somehow, for the torque, it will reach 160 lb. ft. There are also some technologies that are applied by the manufacturer to improve the car performance. It can be concluded by the presence of its automatic start or stop function technology. It creates better fuel economy for the car both in the city driving as well as the highway. The recent result shows that the car has 24 mpg of city driving and 33 mpg of fuel economy for the highway driving options. These fuel economies are very beneficial especially when we want to use the car for long term travel as well as short term or commuter usage.

2016 BMW X1 M Sport

All new engines that are added for 2016 BMW X1 is hoping to offer better speed and performance for the car. Since the first released information about the car, there is already some test drive that has been made. The test drive is intended to check overall performance of the car both for occasional as well as the daily use. Based on the test, there are some results which pretty impressive, for 0-60 of speed check, the exact result has not explained yet. However, it reaches less than 7 seconds for sure.

 2016 BMW X1 Interior

Talking about the overall appearance of 2016 BMW X1, we will never be able to ignore the presence of car dimension. As we know, this car is belonging to the medium sized car. This is a type of car which will be well sold because it fits most of the people height and size. The car length is 175.5 inches and it is supported by 70.8 widths, 60.8 heights and also 108.7 wheelbases. With this entire dimension, it is also supported with 7 inches of ground clearance. This dimension is really influence the presence of this car interior.

2016 BMW X1 Interior
2016 BMW X1 Interior

Made to be compact crossover car, it does not make 2016 BMW X1 become less comfortable. You can feel the difference when you sit in the 5 seats that are available inside. Overall, it uses TBD space for carrying the passenger. If you are someone who loves to carry stuff, you can even use its 25 cu. ft. of cargo volume. The cargo can even be enlarged especially when you have the seat folded. All the security features, entertainment features and also the comfort features are also prepared well by BMW as the main attraction or all of the consumers.

2016 BMW X1 Release Date

After all the detailed information about 2016 BMW X1 are mentioned, you must be curious about the presence of its release date. However, you do not need to worry because the date will not be awaited too long. The official has not mentioned the exact date until today, but it can be shown to any auto show in the second semester of this year, around July to November. BMW really prepares the presence of this car to against the other competitor especially who work in the same lineup of car.

 2016 BMW X1 Price

When most of the people are waiting the release date of 2016 BMW X1 and the exact launching space, the rest are waiting for the actual information about the car price. After the car is available for sale, you will need to spend for about $42,695 for its MSRP price. The price is really affordable for such as great quality and performance car. As you know, this car is also equipped with the top class accessories both of the interior and exterior. So, we can conclude that the official pricing is really affordable. This car is very worth to buy.

 2016 BMW X1 Vs Mercedes GLA

Based on the overall performance and specification of the car, we can conclude that this car is really good to be considered. However, there are some competitors that are exists such as Mercedes GLA series. The predecessor version like 1997 BMW 328i will surely have good impacts from the release of 2016 BMW X1. It happens because the predecessor has the similar basics design with the car. It is one thing that makes the price of this car is really reasonable. It happens because the car performance is really great. No one is even arguing that the car performance of X1 is capable to reach the maximum limit. As one of the most awaited SUV in this year, X1 is really worth to wait.

All New 2016 BMW X6 M Released Soon

www.ibucar.com – BMW starts to announce their efforts in fulfilling the top lineup of their SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle. This will be the hot news because BMW is really serious in preparing all the product of SAV in the previous time. One of the series that will be introduced is 2016 BMW X6 M. This car is also belonging to be one of the most luxury cars that bring the sport theme. All the appearance of this car is pretty unique because it looks like a coupe, but it is actually a sedan with huge sized cargo at the rear side.

2016 BMW X6 M Specs

Some recent news about this car is already spread out. It can be concluded by the release of some 2016 BMW X6 M specification info as well as some of the feature inside. This car is not only spacious from the outside, but when you are looking at the hood of the car, you will also see the great engine supports which exist. The engine is using V8 power that can produce for about 567 horsepower in its maximum performance. The torque which will be produced is around 553. Those powers can be reached by the various engine performances around 5,000 to 6,500 RPM.

2016 BMW X6M Specs
2016 BMW X6M Specs

The engine is fully supported with 8 speed transmission system. To ensure the comfort as well as the performance, the transmission is using M Steptronic technology. This makes all the gear movements are running smoothly. It creates great acceleration as well shown in the car’s test drive. The result of 2016 BMW X6 M test drive is pretty impressive. This 4.4 liter engine can reach only 4 seconds when it is through 0-60 mph speed test. With all these features, this X6M might run up to 155 mph of maximum speed.

2016 BMW X6 M Price

The impressiveness of 2016 BMW X6 M makes so many people curious especially about the exact price and also the release date. To ensure that we get the actual information, it is good to wait the official information from the manufacturer as usual. The most updated auto news said that this car will be launched to the market in this year with $113,095 of MSRP price. However, for the actual release date, there is no information yet. The official clarifies that it will be dropped about the second or third trimester of 2016.

2016 BMW X6 M Interior

When we talk about 2016 BMW X6 M, it is almost impossible to not discuss about the car interior. However, it does not mean that we can ignore the exterior as well. From the outside, you will see that the dimension of the car is pretty impressive. It can be seen from the overall size of the car. The length is 193.8 inches, its width is 78.3 inches and the height is 66.5 inches. It is also completed with the wheelbase which is around 155.5 inches. The interior is also great and ample because it has better leg room and head room. There is 40.3 inch of leg room which is supported with 39.9 of head room.

2016 BMW X6 M Interior
2016 BMW X6 M Interior

Overall interior of the car is raising the performance of 2016 BMW X6 M. With all of the sporty and futuristic design, you will see the inside area which is fulfilled by 5 seat of maximum passengers. The passenger volume is still belonging to TBD. One impressive thing about this car is all the interior entertainment features. You will get the greatest utility includes connectivity and top lined audio system as well. One thing which is really attractive is all about the cargo. It has 59.7 cu. ft. of maximum cargo volume.

2016 BMW X6 M White

Color will be the main consideration when we want to choose a car. Although the spy shots are showing the presence of 2016 BMW X6 M with the unclear color, the official has mentioned about the white paint for their new car. The white series are divided into two. The first one is Alpine White and the second one is Mineral White Metallic. Overall both of the color options are the same. However, you can decide which one you like the most. White colored X6M will be great for woman. It can be seen by the presence of some accessories like the rear bumper, all new grilles, dynamic mirror design as well as some other parts that are already exist to welcome this car.

2016 BMW X6 M Black

As we know, it seems impossible if a car is fully launched without any black variants. That is why most of the people are considering waiting the car. Some leaked photos has shown that black will be one of the color that occupy the whole body of the all-new 2016 BMW X6 M. You can check some review of this car especially the user of black color in the previous series. The color is very hard to be faded and it is durable as you hope. The black color options are having similar options with 1997 BMW 328i; it offers Black Sapphire Metallic and Carbon Black Metallic.