2005 Ford Thunderbird for Elegant and Unique Style of Driving

www.ibucar.com – One of the most popular cars from Ford is 2005 Ford Thunderbird. Generally, this car is designed in convertible model with two seats and open type roof. The first generation went to market in 1955 with unique and classic design to attract more customers. This car had received many awards and honors from prominent automotive magazine and other institutions for many aspects, especially in design and engine. Manufacturer put a lot of upgrades from first variant and 2005 model belongs to the last generation that reaches eleventh stage of refinement. Ford has long plan to revive this car with new and modern appearance, but it still has problem to put into production. Therefore, this car had made history in automotive market and many customers feel pleased with high standard of specifications.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Review

People might call this vehicle as personal luxury car because it has many equipment and specifications that intend to bring joyful in driving. 2005 Ford Thunderbird is for niche market and specific customer based on official marketing purpose, then goes wider to get more people enjoy this car. On market, it competes with several prominent brands from Europe and United States, so the manufacturer tries to bring the best product with high-tech engine and sophisticated design. Thunderbird 11th generation is put into production in 2001 until 2005 then this model is no longer available for customers.

Since this car is not new product, automotive fans regard it as classic and old-fashioned car that worth to collect. 2005 Ford Thunderbird uses retro style at exterior with two headlamps in big circle and convertible roof on top. Car roof consists of soft and hardtop, so you can slide half way or completely open it to direct air. Personal luxury car tends to be smaller or people might see that it’s similar with city vehicle. However, Ford produces Thunderbird in standard size as sedan or small SUV.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Specs

Despite this car is no longer in production, 2005 ford thunderbird still has excellent specification compared to several competitors. On engine room, you will find 3.8-liter capacity with V8 type. As it mentioned above, new generation on this car went to market in 1955 and the last model is 2005. This car has been through many engine upgrades every year, so fifty long years on market is not small thing for such popular car. The platform of thunderbird based on Ford DEW98 and engine cabin is located on front side of the car. In addition, driving mode is the rear wheel style with five-automatic suspension.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Specs
2005 Ford Thunderbird Specs

People love this car because the engine can boost high power, in spite of personal luxury segment. If the car design uses more modern touch, you might think it as truly sport coupe vehicle from outside appearance. The length of this car is 4.7 meters and width is 1.8 meters, so the size is not really small for retro style car. Since the platform of this product comes from another Ford line-up, wheelbase size is 2.7 meter and quite similar. Manufacturer plans to sell this car at 20,000 units per year then this expectation is fulfilled with more than 30,000 cars go to customers. You cannot ignore this number as the market is very appreciative for this, especially 2005 Ford Thunderbird.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Interior

The next interesting side on this car is interior design. As luxury car, all of part on interior is very sophisticated and advanced to make driver feel convenient. As coupe, it has two seats on front for driver and passenger. Seats cover is made from high quality leather and equipped with strong seat belt. Moreover, the manufacturer realizes that luxury is not just what people see from outside, but what driver feel when sit behind the wheel. Front dashboard holds many panels and compartment to support the driver. 2005 Ford Thunderbird might not have touchscreen panel as similar with recent car product, but all of panels are very advanced compared to standard car in that time.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Interior
2005 Ford Thunderbird Interior

2005 Ford Thunderbird 0-60

Even though this car is not fully designed in sporty type, its engine can produce excellent power to make the driver more excited. 2005 Ford Thunderbird uses V8 engine, so you will reach 60 mph in less than seven second. Speed is not strong side of this car, though it has been on many upgrades every year. Since 1977, this car is part of well-known racing competition in United States then won several times. The old model in 1980s made history as it could reach 200 mph in racing event. All of record, winning session, and awards are the best proof to show people about the car capability and ability. For market oriented model, driver still gains more than what it looks from outside.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Parts

Exterior side of this car is very stunning from front and rear view. If you like retro style car, 2005 Ford Thunderbird has to be the top choice on your mind. In 2003, this car was used as vehicle for one of popular spy movie, so you can see the car quality. 2005 Thunderbird is the most advanced type as Ford put many excellent tools and panels. It has VVT or variable valve timing to assist driver nicely and also the throttle control in electronic mode. Both of panels are new and can be found from 2002 model until the last 2005 version.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Colors

2005 Ford Thunderbird consists of three main colors for exterior and interior sides. There are sky blue, dessert grey, and coral to make this car more appealing. Some colors are no longer available due to the changing style into retro model. As you might know, 10th generation of Thunderbird is not completely luxury car because the design is like normal sedan. One of promising color for Thunderbird is combination black and red or people call it as retro tone. Black on exterior side shows the strong and elegant with red interior cover on cabin. Manufacturer puts silver to accompany the previous three ones and change white accent from its predecessor.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Problems

No car is perfect. It is good expression as every product has its own characteristic. The problems in 2005 Ford Thunderbird are the market segmentation and design. Manufacturer wants to put something new for specific customer, but some models are not really personal luxury type. Ford changes market segmentation for this car several times due to the sales performance. The last one is revival to original purpose of Thunderbird. Furthermore, retro style is good from outside, but not for interior part. Manufacturer tries to maintain consistency of style then bring it into all of sides of the car. It is not a problem for small and niche market, but another customer likes to have this car for engine reason.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Engine Swap

Thunderbird is one of good car for racing, so some engines might not definitely genuine. The capability to put another part from different kind of engine is one of advantage on this car. You might see it with powerful Mustang engine on front side. Moreover, 2005 Ford Thunderbird shares same platform with other products. Therefore, the engine swap is possible, though it has to be adjusted carefully.

2005 Ford Thunderbird vs Mustang
2005 Ford Thunderbird vs Mustang

2005 Ford Thunderbird vs Mustang

Another good car from Ford is Mustang. Originally, manufacturer puts Thunderbird and Mustang in different class. Mustang tends to be sportier with high engine capability, while Thunderbird seems lower. However, the last generation of Thunderbird has more refinement on engine to exhausts similar power with Mustang 4th generation. If you like sturdy and bold design as sporty car, Mustang is on the top list. Meanwhile, for people who want to feel difference, 2005 Ford Thunderbird is the best car to put on garage.

2017 Ford Fusion Review

www.ibucar.com – 2017 Ford Fusion is the most awaited car from Ford. It receives major upgrades to get more attention from the customers all over the world. The design is refaced, while it still retains attractive interior, several choices of powertrain and high technology safety features. There is no need to wonder that Fusion has great rating from the critics due to the presence of technology, spacious cabin and agile look. In the market, Fusion has to compete with Chevrolet Malibu, Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry. Moreover, the mid-size sedan receives updates on interior and exterior.

2017 Ford Fusion Exterior and Interior

Fusion features slimmer and wider grille with darker exterior color. Enjoy the elegant design that located at the revised chrome strip. In this new exterior design, the LED taillamps and LED headlamps are incorporated. Fusion also surprises the world with special 19-inch wheel, dual exhaust outlets, a rear spoiler and deeper front air intake. Inside, it is spacious, comfortable and impressive.  The door trim, instrument panel and steering wheel are upholstered using the high quality leather in Platinum model of 2017 Ford Fusion. When you are inside, you can hardly notice the vibration and damping. You will never get bored when spending the time inside the cabin as it has Sync 3 version of Ford’s interactive infotainment system.

2017 Ford Fusion Specs
2017 Ford Fusion Specs

2017 Ford Fusion Engine

In addition, the storage area is also ample due to the new console design. The rear room can accommodate four adults. They will be comfortable with sufficient amount of legroom. The base trim level features front seats which can be repositioned manually. 2017 Ford Fusion is powerful enough to hit the road. It offers five different options for the powertrain.  The base trim runs 2.5-L 4-cylinder engine which can produce powertrain at 178 HP. Furthermore, it is coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission.  If you focus more on the great level of gas mileage, choose 1.5 liter EcoBoost turbo engine.

If you want the engine coupled with all-wheel drive system, the Fusion will run 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo for engine. It can generate the output at 240 HP and 270 lb-ft of torque. The fifth power line in Fusion is the newly added one. It features a twin turbo V6 engine with 2.7 liter displacement.  It produces output at 325 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. When you compare the power with the one in Camry or Accord, Fusion has greater performance. The base model will be sold at $23,000. If you are interested with Fusion SE, the price is at$30,000. Meanwhile, the top line of 2017 Ford Fusion is priced at $42,000. It will be released somewhere in 2017.


2018 Ford Escape Concept

www.ibucar.com – The 2018 Ford Escape uses latest technology manufactured by this leading automobile company. The concept combines fierce exterior and elegant interior design. So far, Ford is always able to satisfy the needs of its customers. Several vehicles have been manufactured with impressive features. Basic features on this sturdy vehicle include power-adjusted seat, infotainment system with LCD display, climate control, and audio speakers. In order to make driver and passenger feel convenience, leather upholstery is also used in each seat. Since the cabin space is generous, the passengers are able to fit in without feeling cramped. This vehicle is good for costumer who wants to bring the whole family on trip.

2018 Ford Escape redesign
2018 Ford Escape redesign

As a powerful SUV, it uses the best engine to generate power for the car. It uses 1.6 liter of machine to generate power up to 178 horsepower. The same machine is also able to create torque up to 184 lb ft. The rumor says that machine used in this luxury car is able to conserve fuel consumption. Therefore, it is suitable for long trip driving. In order to respond with market demand that prefers automatic transmission, Ford Escape uses the same transmission with six levels of speed. This system provides good performance by smooth and easy handling.

From specs listed above, it is normal to expect this car to be expensive. Up until now, the manufacturer has not confirmed the exact price of this car. However, several automobile development experts can calculate that the cost will reach $35,000. That number is definitely worth sophisticated features and machines under the hood. The manufacturer is also not mention yet when the product will be released. Some speculations say that the release date for this luxury SUV is right before 2018 ended. For fixed cost and date, we still have to wait for official announcement at the upcoming year.

2018 Ford Bronco Concept and Its Specification

www.ibucar.com – Automaker introduces the concept car to show ongoing progress of future product. However, only few of concept cars will be put into production. Most of them are still the concept until uncertain time. In addition to such matter, 2018 Ford Bronco concept attracts people who eager to know when new SUV from Ford is officially released. In 2004, manufacturer introduced concept car that predicted to be the next Bronco. It was eight years after the last model in 1996. It is interesting topic to explore what future Bronco should like.

The Whole 2018 Ford Bronco Concept

Exterior part becomes the key role when creating new car, especially from classic brand. Bronco had been on market for almost thirty years from 1966 until 1996. This car is very popular in America and Europe. Last model retained classic style of SUV design. In 2018 Ford Bronco concept, you will see the major upgrades from exterior side. The design is more rigid to express sporty and aggressive accent. Ford emblem is placed on front grille alongside LED for headlamp. Ford took Expedition and F-150 (how about Ford F-250?) as primary consideration to create future Bronco.

2018 ford bronco pictures
2018 ford bronco pictures

Furthermore, the interior part undergoes the major changes as well. As you know, modern cars have used many digital instruments and panels. Inside the cabin, you will see touchscreen display with useful and integrated app. Ford develops specific software to connect all of vehicles via internet and satellite. Driver will receive notification about weather, car status, traffic, road condition, and route. The latter is part of navigation and digital map. In addition, the seats use three-row mode for six to eight passengers, including driver. The last row can be folded to obtained more space for your stuff.

2018 ford bronco interior
2018 ford bronco interior

Ford have to make clear boundary between Bronco and Expedition. Well, 2018 Ford Bronco Concept turns into consumer product. Recent Expedition is categorized as full-size SUV with V6 engine. Bronco might be launched as special edition or premium segment. The car uses V8 engine with capacity between 4.0 liter and 6.0 liter. Besides, Ford can pick special off-road edition for Bronco to make distinction from Expedition.

2018 ford bronco concept
2018 ford bronco concept

The engine is able to exhaust more than 350 horsepower, even 450 HP. Petrol and diesel are for fuel with efficiency rate between 18 mpg and 25 mpg. It is difficult to create SUV with efficiency level more than 25 mpg, unless the engine capacity is less than 3.0 liter.

Even though the release date for 2018 Ford Bronco concept is still indefinite, you can estimate the price from specifications. Base price might start from $40,000 and it can be higher due to many factors. Therefore, Bronco will be your favorite car for long journey or off-road.

2016 Ford Bronco Interior and Specs

Bronco is placed as the top car that customers want to wait for future release. 2016 Ford Bronco interior will undergo many changes. Besides interior, manufacturer upgrades the design, engine, safety measures, trims level, instrument, navigation system, and internet. New Wi-Fi adaptor is stalled to enhance connectivity.

The New Performance of 2016 Ford Bronco Interior

Before exploring the interior side, you should see exterior aspect of New Bronco. As full-size SUV, this car uses combination between modern and classic. Less curve but bold frame makes the car look sporty and aggressive. It is not sport car where the speed and acceleration are priority. SUV tends to deliver comfortable driving in any situation. Head and rear lamps are already LED to enhance the visibility.

To fulfill market demand and expectation, 2016 Ford Bronco interior will be completely upgraded. The seat consists of three-row mode. To extend space, you can fold last row to put more stuff. The car is designed with sound and vibration resistant. Second row is able to configure to let more passengers. At normal level, you can bring five to seven passenger in cabin, exclude driver.

2016 Ford Bronco interior
2016 Ford Bronco interior

Ford Bronco interior depends on which variant customers buy. Manufacturer plans to release Bronco in standard, sport, and Raptor series. As you know, this kind of production is familiar and good for sales. At front dashboard, you can see touchscreen display as similar to tablets. Screen size is between eight and ten. Some applications are installed to support driver. Moreover, internet connection is available with high-speed network. Driver will receive information such as weather, road, traffic, gas station, restaurant, etc.

Exploring interior with advanced technology does not mean forgetting engine and other specs. You are able to monitor engine status from 2016 Ford Bronco Interior. Some options can be implemented to create powerful SUV. Analysts predict Ford might use V8 or higher to this car. If engine is V6, the capacity and capability will be similar to Expedition.

Engine capacity starts from 4.0 liter to less than 6.0 liter. Having the SUV with engine more than 6.0 liter is quite unusual. If Ford still finds difficulty in engine, releasing Bronco as special and limited edition is a good idea. Expedition is customized with latest technology and premium equipment. The car transform from standard to high-performance variant.

Of course, 2016 Ford Bronco interior affects the price. Release date is still definite, even though two or more concept cars are already released. Automotive analysts expect price for this car start from $40,000 until more than $50,000. The numbers are indefinite, so you have to ask authorized dealer.

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Review

www.ibucar.com – One of the top products from Ford is Shelby Mustang. As you know, recent generation of this car has capability to face against super car, though Ford is not intentionally on the same segment.  2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 will be the extended model of current version on market since 2015. Since the first model, this car has through many updates and upgrades until reach what people see today. Classic style of old Mustang is not able to be seen in today version, but the characteristic and spirit keep inside this car. As high performance, specs and engine are reason why customer buy this car and put on the garage.

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Specification

Mustang iconic design can be seen in this Shelby version. Two strips from front bumper until reach the back wing still become attractive part of this car. Manufacturer offers several combinations to make this car more interesting to drive at any road. 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 still incorporates similar style that come from 2015 model. You might want the car that more powerful but still maintain the normal appearance on exterior part. Supercar is too flashy to drive at street, but not for your preference. Compact sedan is not adequate to fill your taste. The last option is Mustang Shelby. It is not too flashy car, but still elegant to drive at any event.

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Specs
2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Specs

This car will face against strong opponent such as Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Both of them is at the same segment with similar engine and specification. Ford might release 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 with 2017 Ford GT. Both of cars are the company flagship in high tech vehicle. This car uses carbon fiber as material to bring strong and firm body frame. You will get special wheels and tires to strengthen the sporty appearance. Several tiny cameras are inserted on car as advanced panels to assist driver. Some sensors keep this car in check from collision or extreme driving. On the front and backside, you will see the lamp in HID that more advanced than normal LED.


Company provides two cabin types for customers. You can pick coupe with two-seat or four-seat model. Both of them use two doors. In four-seat, cabin will get extended seat to get more passengers. Seat cover is premium leather to keep it comfortable while driving. On front dashboard, you can see touchscreen panel with many apps. 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is modern car, so all of equipment and panels are fully digital. Camera and sensor outside are connected to this display. To reduce noise and vibration, wall and floor are covered with special material. Other panels on this car are navigation, cruise control, parking sensor, blind spot indicator, sunroof, and security system.

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Interior
2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Interior

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Engine

Interesting part of 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is engine room. It has 5.2-liter capacity in V8 model. With this specs, this car can exhaust more than 400 hp. You can go at 0-60 mph in less than five seconds. Data from eligible testing showed this car accelerate to reach 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. Ford releases 350R that has 0.4 faster than standard model. Many critics review this car and praise for performance. The transmission is 6-speed manual to make driver feel the boosting power and muscle car experience. The car uses gasoline as fuel and the consumption level is thirteen miles per gallon for city driving. You can get twenty-one miles per gallon when driving on highway or outside of town.

Ford intends this car as the next model to replace 2016 version. However, there is no significant alteration on design and slightly enhancement on engine. Moreover, the price starts at $56,000. It depends on which package is available on market. You may pay more than $60,000 to bring complete specification of this car. Therefore, 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is what you want as automotive and speed fan.

2019 Ford Ranger Overview

www.ibucar.com – Auto fans are starting to wait for the release of 2019 Ford Ranger. This car continues the series of Ranger in the different ways. There are so many new improvements to the car appearance as well as the engine. It makes many auto fans are curious about the overall performance and test drive of the car. In the same time, this truck has some competitors that are great as well. They include Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier and so on. This is reasonable because they have the same lineup on automotive market. Now, it is the time for quality and performance to act.

2019 Ford Ranger Facelift Issue

Before you drop the final choice, you should have some review about 2019 Ford Ranger. From the design and exterior, we can see that this car still has the value of older Ford Ranger. However, the presence of new grille, bumper and some detailed design make it has newer atmosphere. The modern look can be achieved well by this truck. Moreover, it can be another consideration or people who love double cab or single cabin based truck model. Beside the exterior that seems to be rounded, you will also receive lot of chrome themed elements which more luxurious sensation.

2019 Ford Ranger
2019 Ford Ranger

In fact, all the performance of 2019 Ford Ranger exterior gives the impacts for people to strengthen their choice to this vehicle. For the ex-user of 2017 Ford GT, they will also consider to choose this version that move to the other manufacturer. Then, consider also about the car interior. This truck is followed also by using the special electrical power steering technology. It gives you comfortable way of twirling the wheel everywhere you want. The maneuvers are also made to be tighter than before. However, it will still make the car is driven lightly.

2019 Ford Ranger Specification

For your information, the design of the car cabin is so close to a very luxurious car performance. There are some elements that will help you realize the comforts. It includes the presence of touchscreen, intuitive user interface and some function for entertainment, safety as well as the other car function. One thing which is attractive from 2019 Ford Ranger is the presence of its spacious and comfortable driving position. The engine is also impressive as always. It applies 3.2 liter of base diesel turbo engine that can produce 147kW in 3000rpm and 47Nm of torque in 1500 rpm.

2019 Ford Ranger
2019 Ford Ranger

Based on the specs, we can see that to achieve 0-60, the time needed will be less than 5 seconds. However, it also depends on the new specs that are totally different than the older one. As the newest truck from Ford, this vehicle is awaited by consumers in 3 years later.

Considering about the specification, we can see that 2019 Ford Ranger has the same market lineup with Chevy Colorado. Both of them have trim for double and single cabin for auto users. That is why the presence of car color variants, fuel economy based on EPA and also new safety features are added. Tough truck style now requires the development of appearance as well. Engine is primary, but the look is important as well. At least, its specification breakdown can make you easier to choose.

Mostly, Ford will launch their car in the biggest auto show of the year. So, it depends on the auto show in 2019. The offered price tag for 2019 Ford Ranger dealer trade starts from $37,800 up to $44,700. It is reasonable since the car really works well for any road surface and speed. Therefore, you will never regret to bring it home.

2017 Ford GT Reviews

www.ibucar.com – Ford has the great power to always produce the best super sport cars. It is proven in sort of the sport car that has been released so many times in the previous time. These products contain new invention and even the redefinition of the older one. 2017 Ford GT is one of the cars for sale that will hit the market soon. It will be available in various colors and bring bunch of improvements from the manufacturer. The presence of new acceleration, top speed and even the engine production will surely amaze the buyers. So, let’s talk deeper about this car which worth in cost.

As you know, 2017 Ford GT is the latest version of GT that will have an extremely high performance. It does not only come with a very powerful gas mileage or fuel economy, but the presence of power to weight ratio will also gain the spacious attraction for the car. We can say that the success of the car will complete the success of Ford in making great engine vehicle. As the beginning of discussion, we can take a look at the exterior and design for first. Actually, many people already realize the car’s exterior details by the release of its hot wheels and some information about forza 6.

2017 Ford GT Design Overview

Once you take a look at the exterior, you will see that 2017 Ford GT really concerns in the aerodynamic aspects. As well as all images that have been spread out, the length and even the height of the car are purely exposed to be a super sport car. Hopefully, the inside part is still comfortable. This body design will also give impact for the presence of engine specs and quarter mile time as well. Some resources are also focusing on the development of its inboard suspension. Technology of pushrod actuated damping and its ride height that can be adjustable will be optional for improving the car model quality.

At the rear side of this race car, you will see the sporty exhausts performance. When it is paired with the presence of sporty chassis, you will have a very visual appearance which can defeat the other leaked pictures that have been spread before. Overall, the exterior is crisp as always.

Ford is good to go especially when you check its multi spoke wheel technology instead. The wheel elements of 2017 Ford GT are fully supported by Michelin to gain the perfect performance and top speed. The whole ceramic brakes in all 4 wheels will also improve the safety and driver’s comfort.

It seems incomplete when we are not talking about 2017 Ford GT interior. Luckily, Ford is always put the awesome things inside. First impression you will see is the presence of its carbon fiber elements. The front and rear frames are fully constructed with aluminum. Indirectly, it will contribute to the performance of the curb weight and total vehicle weight. It will have impact for the car speed as well. As the user interface system, there will be some digital notification in the form of gauge cluster. A full color touch screen display is also available to give you massive control to the car. Paddle shifter is also added for better car control and gulf performance.

Under the Cab of 2017 Ford GT

Speaking about 2017 Ford GT as a supercar commercial is nothing without discuss about the whole engine. It is great because the first drive review has been spread so many. However, only few of them talk about the details. The base engine of the car is 3.5 liter V6.

2017 Ford GT Design
2017 Ford GT Design

This engine has great performance since the technology of EcoBoost and twin turbocharged is added. This engine contributes powerful performance with its 7 speed automatic transmission system and dual clutch innovation. Based on the test drive, it can be concluded that this car can produce 500 pound feet of torque.

The performance of 2017 Ford GT is running well because it has powerful AWD drive train method. To gain its maximum speed, 0-60 speed test has been done and it is proven that the car is only need 3.2 second of time. It is so rapid that makes it is really considerable as the car with a very worth price. All of this performance is nothing without the engine technology that might gain its maximum horse power. Some other innovation is designed on its electric boost functions. The kinetic energy system recovery is also helpful to boost the car performance application.

2017 Ford GT Price and Release Date

Launched to be a super sport car, this car surely is awaited by lot of people. Some list price are arises, but the official info of its MSRP is not announced yet. The estimated price sound so friendly as it will cost less than $400,000 which nearly close to Lamborghini Aventador price. However, with all the presence of competitor, the price can change anytime. For launching time of 2017 Ford GT, it could be the middle year of 2017 on the nearest auto show held in that time.

2017 Ford F250 to Lift Anything You Want

www.ibucar.com – The 2017 Ford F250 is part of F-series that renowned as light duty truck to lift medium stuff on back and towing another car. This car intend for people who live in suburban area where road is not fully developed. Therefore, the half truck is a necessary vehicle. If you take a look closely, this car is similar with real SUV, but has open space on the back to store anything. People call this kind of vehicle as pick-up. Ford has been experienced to build the best truck and pick-up that used in domestic or foreign country.

2017 ford f250 king ranch price
2017 ford f250 king ranch price

Pick-up or truck is not car with many alterations on design as people choose it for work. However, 2017 Ford F250 comes with new and fresh design from exterior side. You still see hardline style on front with square headlamp. LED light will provide useful assistance when driver goes through rain, mist, or night. Three models are available to give customer more choices. There are regular, supercab, and supercrew with difference in number of seats. If you want to bring more passengers, supercrew will provide more seats at back of driver. Moreover, interior side of this car is already in excellent furnish. All of panels can be seen on front dashboard.

2017 ford f250 interior
2017 ford f250 interior

Manufacturer gives some engines capacity, so customers can choose based on their needs and the car’s functionality. Standard model comes in V8 engine with 6.0-liter capacity that produce 385 hp. For more powerful engine, you can pick 6.7 liter to gain more than 400 HP. The first engine is gasoline type and the latter is turbo diesel. As light duty vehicle, people use this car to bring supplies or carry goods for trade. Both of engines are equipped in 6-automatic transmission which is refinement from previous model. F-series is the car with hauling capability and 2017 Ford F250 can pull up to 14,000 pounds. This car will be on market in late 2016 with base price start at $40,000.

2017 Ford Bronco for Future SUV

www.ibucar.com – First generation of Bronco was released in 1966. Ford created this car as sport utility vehicle, but in small category. Five generation had been launched and officially discontinued in 1996. More than twenty years, Bronco is still in safe box and ready to revive. For 2017 Ford Bronco, you will expect to get much refinements and updates.

It is not easy to produce new car, even from old brand. Ford has two vehicles which contain potential platform for Bronco. Pickup truck and SUV are the categories to let Bronco enter the market. However, SUV market is very tough. Ford has Expedition for this class and F-150 for pickup. Both of them resemble Bronco in term of class and engine.

Comparison with 2016 Ford Bronco

Automotive fans still wait 2017 Ford Bronco to come into market, though manufacturer has not launched it officially. In 2016, there is rumor about 2016 Ford Bronco. From 2016 to 2017, you might not find significant differences because Ford still put on hold this car. However, the next generation will share similar platform and wheelbase with other products. Ford has agreement with another automaker in this matter. Another speculation is using F-150 or Expedition chassis.

Ford Bronco 2016 Price
Ford Bronco 2016 Price

2018 Ford Bronco

For 2018 model, analysts predict this car will use similar engine and minor alteration from 2017. The latest Bronco went on market in 1996. Ford announced this car would be no longer in production and Expedition becomes replacement of Bronco. Ford seems to put not much upgrade and refinement in Expedition since 2017 or third generation. As sport utility car, engine and performance are the top priority to satisfy customers.

2017 Ford Bronco Price Estimation

Initial price of 2017 Ford Bronco might start at $30,000. It is base price for Ford Explorer. However, the price is estimated to be more than $40,000. Full-size SUV is the car with many instrument and high-capacity engine. You hardly find vehicle in this category which has price less than $35,000. Of course, one category can be right choice for Ford to revive Bronco. Premium SUV is suitable for Bronco because the brand awareness is high. Company should consider the next generation of Bronco as premium or luxury car with the price more than $50,000.


2017 Ford Bronco will use two engine models: V8 and V6. For high-performance, customers need V8 engine with capacity more than 5 liter. Bronco is suitable for this engine. As you know, V8 is rare to find in SUV, unless the vehicle is intended for off-road activity. Second engine is V6 with capacity around 3.5 liter. With such engine, this car is estimated to produce more than 350 horsepower.

Manufacturer will put many features in this car. Touchscreen display becomes standard equipment in future vehicle. You can use application to check car condition such as engine, fuel consumption, tire pressure, towing capability, etc. This car is equipped with internet connection. Driver can access navigation app to check traffic, destination, weather, and fastest route.

If 2017 Ford Bronco is based on Expedition, the transmission will be six-speed automatic and manual. The car is all-wheel drive and it is easy to handle in off-road situation. Car frame is from high quality material which firm and strong. All lights are LED and new grille is placed on the front. Its design will look slightly hardline type but smoother than old Bronco. Other features are traction control, anti-lock braking, parking censor, rear camera, blind spot alarm, and unfolded-mode for seats

Forthcoming 2020 Ford Bronco

It is difficult to predict future car without comparing it with others. In 2020, the car might turn into fully digital and eco-friendly engine. Gasoline and diesel will be replaced with electric and solar cell. Of course, the performance is more than 2017 Ford Bronco and it is easy to control. Driver and passenger can connect to internet easily with high-speed Wi-Fi. Moreover, every seat has its own display. The transmission is fully automatic. 2020 is less than five years from now, so the development of car might still similarity with today. You can easy see five years ago with current model. Is there any revolutionary alteration? Future Bronco focuses to engine and equipment to make the car more comfortable and easy to drive.

2020 Ford Bronco

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is one of flagship product of Ford. New generation of this car gets many upgrades to fulfill customer expectation and demand. Initial price is approximately $25,000. New Mustang and 2017 Ford Bronco will increase the sales of Ford in automotive market.