How to Buy a Used Car with Bad Credit and No Down Payment – Having bad credit score surely affects your change to get new car from dealer. Bad credit happens for some reasons and you have to pay attention to these matter. Most financial institution and bank still use traditional method to assess credit. Low score means high risk to lend money for creditor and vice versa.  Another thing you should aware is the down payment before purchasing car. Down payment is needed when you buy on dealer in no cash transaction. However, you can try to avoid such payment to reduce cost at front when buying used car. In this article, you will get tips about purchasing car with no down payment and bad credit score.

The Steps

First thing you have to do is to check and review current credit status. Ask more than one institution to send your credit report. It is important to see which part that still has possibility to change. If you find different number in two reports in same section, try to verify and confirm. Bank or dealer will do the same thing to client with credit score issue. You will be asked about report when applying it for loan. Preparing answer by reviewing thoroughly on your report will make a better chance to get loan.

Report will tell that you cannot afford to buy used car which the price is above certain level. Having seen report, you have to realize about financial condition. Used cars on market are available in several price ranges. For high-end and limited car like 2005 Ford Thunderbird, the price of course is high. It would be wise to put aside any desire to acquire that kind of car. Unless your financial projection will be better for next month, buying that car is no problem at all. Therefore, making calculation is better than wrongly taking step in order to avoid unwanted risk happen in the future.

How to Buy a Used Car with Bad Credit and No Down Payment
How to Buy a Used Car with Bad Credit and No Down Payment

The next step is to look for financial institution and dealer that provide no down payment. In fierce competition market, dealer offers many interesting packages to attract more customers. One of them is allowing people in bad credit score and strip off down payment for buying used car. Based on experience buyer, this situation will be found easily when market is in low stage. No significant growth in car sales related to extensive marketing campaign. Another way is by waiting for end year when discount and interesting offer are available.

The next step is about negotiation for price and rate. If you buy from the same dealer and lender, the process might be a little bit easy and simple. Having bad credit does not reduce opportunity to get low rate for loan. You are able to negotiate this matter to suit interest below financial condition. Try to reach as low as possible to match your financial calculation. Negotiating the price is a little bit tricky, especially for inexperienced buyer. You need to obtain proper information about used car. Purchasing old car such as 1997 BMW 328i requires comprehensive checking on the car condition.

You will fill many paperwork as consequence of bad credit and no down payment. It is part of legal process for dealer and lender to make sure that client has low risk. For this reason, you have to prepare many things from beginning. Failed to fill certain paperwork will decrease probability for buying used car through loan. Do not underestimate paperwork or legal matter when you want to buy a car, particularly used one.

The last thing is finding your car in marketplace. Try online site like Craigslist that provide many used cars and dealer information. You can find eligible seller from nearest city and location. When you like certain car, start to prepare for purchasing process.

Craigslist Atlanta Cars and Trucks by Owner on 2nd July 2016

We are so happy to know that you are interested to search Craigslist Atlanta cars and trucks by owner. Today, 2nd July 2016, we will give you some information about used cars that sell on Craigslist. Here is the list of Craigslist Atlanta GA cars and trucks by owner.

2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette for Sale

2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette
2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette


Description: LOW MILES and one owner
cylinders: 6 cylinders

drive: fwd

fuel: gas
status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: mini-van
Price: $ 1500 (Woodstock)

Further information: https://

2004 Chevy Trailblazer LS

2004 chevy trailblazer tire size
2004 chevy trailblazer tire size


Very clean interior

AC and Heat works great!
Current Emissions
Trailer Hitch

Price: $2600 (Lawrenceville)

Further information:

Do you know about 2004 Chevy Trailblazer transmission problems and 2004 Chevy Trailblazer tire size? Someday we will write informations about that.

Okay! We think that all info in this article will help your to get used car on Craigslist. Some tips from us: please calculate your budget before buy, anticipation about spare parts and problems because it’s not the new car 🙂


The Amazing Specification of 2016 Audi A5

When it comes for elegant and luxurious designed car, Audi is the brand you are looking for. 2016 Audi A5 is in the list of top 15 luxury small car. Generally, it is famous due to the first class material used in the cabin. Moreover, it has good fuel efficiency. This luxury small car offers easy handling when being used. However, it has several downsides that need to be considered. The infotainment system is rather complicated than previous version. Some drivers say that the infotainment system is tricky. In addition to the complicated system, the exterior design of this car is less sporty to the competitors.

2016 Audi A5
2016 Audi A5

The Whole Design of 2016 Audi A5

The car incorporates 2 liter of turbocharged engine platform. It uses 4-cylinder engine. The combination of those engines is able to produce over 220 horsepower. Therefore, it is not surprising that this luxury car is not only powerful, but also fast. In order to achieve great speed, it uses supercharged V6 from the previous S5 version. The coupe version comes with either 6-speed of manual transmission or 8-speed of automatic transmission. The engine used in this amazing car is not only gives easy handling performance, but also great fuel efficiency. This 2016 Audi A5 is able to conserve more fuel than cars from other competitors.

The best thing to mention about the interior of this variant is the top quality material used. This luxurious material can be found in the upholstery. It has four seats with luxury upholstery that provides comfort and support to its passenger. Moreover, 2016 Audi A5 comes with various features such as radio, bluetooth, sunroof, audio system with 10 speakers, climate control, as well as infotainment system with 6.5 inch of display. Unfortunately, this infotainment system is difficult to control. The other negative critic about the interior is the rear seats. They are cramped for adults.

In order to compensate with the downside about the interior of 2016 Audi A5, this elegant variant uses amazing exterior design. It uses smart curves to produce luxury impression. The radiator grid in the front part of the car maintains its signature design with Audi logo attached on it. Both of the front and fog lamp are designed with touch of futuristic design. From the sides, you will be able to see the curvy accent introduced along the door. As for the top part, the contour follows aerodynamic design.

Nothing is perfect when it comes to the specification of a certain car. The same goes to this luxury small variant. The car is able to produce powerful speed and conserve fuels. Additionally, the handling of the car is also easy. However, before you decide to purchase it, you might want to consider the downside as well. Aside from the tricky and complicated infotainment system, the rear seats are cramped. Critics are also said that the design is not sporty compared to the other small cars. The release date of 2016 Audi A5 is in August 2016. Although the price has not released yet, most automobile reviewers already calculate that the price is going to be ranged from $46,752 up to $ 52,596.

Craigslist Houston Cars and Trucks for Sale – Online marketplace grows significantly because of many advantages. Craigslist is one of places to find many things next to your location, including vehicle. If you live in or near Houston, try to visit Craigslist Houston cars to see interesting offers from seller and dealer. In this site, you can find car from many brands, types, models, and years. You can pick brand new car from dealer or decide to take used car from owner. Another interesting section is payment and loan offer for customer who cannot pay in full transaction due to some reasons. This site is what you need to get the car that you want the most.

If you are new player in online purchasing and dealing, some tips will help to get over it safely and easily. As long as you have internet connection, you can access Craigslist Houston cars. Sellers and dealers come from many places and cities in country. You need to verify their ads one by one and don’t let flashy title blind your judgment. Verify car model, year, and type from official website or trustworthy site. Sometimes, you might find car description which does not suit to the real condition. If that happens, you need to put aside that ad then look for another one. Being careful is different from paranoia, so keep safety at top priority.

Craigslist Houston Cars
Craigslist Houston Cars

Craigslist Houston Cars and Trucks for Sale by Dealer

Craigslist Houston cars and trucks for sale by dealer provide tons of car dealers from nearest location and other cities. For buyers, this condition has many advantages. They can create comparison between dealers in Craigslist Houston cars and other locations. As you know, car price depends on several factors, particularly used car. Good dealer will provide comprehensive information regarding price, including discount and rate. When buyer needs loan, dealer will open any negotiation as long as buyer passes the credential aspect.

Buyer should prepare many things such as paperwork, credit report, bank statement, identity card, and insurance to deal in purchasing car. Having complete paperwork will show good sign and it increases the chance to receive interesting discount such as no down payment. In dealer, buyer can negotiate rate for loan, even has bad credit score.

Craigslist Houston Texas Cars and Trucks for Sale by Owner

Another way to buy car from Craigslist Houston cars is by selecting individual seller.  In Craigslist Houston Texas cars and trucks for sale by owner, you can find many used car from many variation. Dealing with individual owner and dealer is different. You need complete paperwork as requirement to buy from dealer. On the other side, individual car owner does not put too much concern about that matter. If you are seller, it does not mean you let unknown buyer to get your car without proper basic requirement. Meanwhile as seller, you need to know buyers name, address, and insurance policy. Seller does not want to stumble in unwanted trouble after transaction.

As for buyers, dealing with individual seller requires personal touch and communication. They might get better price than offer from dealer. Sometimes, car is in very good condition as the result of appropriate maintenance. This thing is an advantage for buyers. However, buyers need to pay in full and no credit for transaction. It might be a little problem for people who have financial issue. Therefore, Craigslist Houston cars will make both parties happy with safe and good dealing.

One more thing regarding Craigslist Houston cars trucks for sale by owner is the place for transaction. At first, buyer will contact and request to see car and make test-drive. In such situation, seller will give location and address to fulfill buyer inquiry. To keep it safe from unwanted event, seller and buyer have to meet in neutral and open public area. Therefore, Craigslist Houston cars aim to assist seller and buyer to get what they want in good way.

How to Sell a Car on Craigslist in Easy Way – Internet changes the way people sell cars and trucks. There are many online marketplaces for sellers and buyers to get what they want. One of them is Craigslist. How to sell a car on Craigslist? You will get comprehensive answer for this question in this article. Before going further for technical matter, you might consider some important things regarding selling car. In general, selling car in online marketplace is similar than promoting your car on newspaper or magazine. However, using internet will help seller to attract potential buyer in wider area.

Steps to Selling a Car on Craigslist

The first thing you have to do is by finishing car paperwork, such as registration, insurance, and any obligation relate to car. Selling a car on Craigslist paperwork is not easy when your car has trouble. Having clean and legal paperwork will make buyer comfortable to contact seller for further transaction. Mostly, people try to avoid any problem after buying car. They want clean process and no additional work except change name or owner. This is the first step in part of how to sell a car on Craigslist.

How to sell a car on Craigslist
How to sell a car on Craigslist

When paper works are done, then the next step is washing and vacuuming the car. Having clean and shiny car is very good trick to attract buyer. Clean your car from glass cracker, stains, dirt, dust, or anything that potentially reduce the car cleanliness. In part of how to sell a car on Craigslist, buyer will ask seller to do test drive. This is what you need to wash and vacuum the car perfectly. First impression makes everything goes as you planned. In how to sell a car on Craigslist test drive, keep car clean is the key point to get buyer interested.

Selling car online has limitation for buyer and seller. Photos of the car are important because it will simplify what seller tries to describe. Take many photos from your car in every side. Craigslist photo space is limited, but you can try free hosting image to upload more photos. Take picture on exterior, interior, roof, engine room, luggage, seats, wheels, etc. Use advanced camera to get the high definition picture. If there is damage on the car, take picture but not too close. It will help buyer to judge whether your car is good or not. For privacy, blur the license plate.

The next step in how to sell a car on Craigslist is about the price and description. To sell car, you need short and easy words to match search engine configuration. For example is 1997 BMW 328i. People who want to buy the car will type that kind of words to get exact product. Do not use long and exaggerating words because people hardly use it. Simple and easy are more crucial than long and flashy one. For price, type it in standard way based on your country numeric system. Craigslist is available not only in US and Europe, but also Asia, South America, and Africa. Some countries use different symbol to express numeric system. As seller, you have to concern about it.

To sell a car on Craigslist template, seller just puts the type of car, year, and description. The other details are email, phone number, and address. This site provides what it is needed to attract customers. As part of how to sell a car on Craigslist, template makes seller easy to manage and assist buyer to reach the intended product.

After you are done to do previous steps, the most important matter is how to sell a car on Craigslist without getting scammed. To prevent unwanted email or inquiry from stranger, you can make certain rule. Seller only replies inquiry to buyer that provides full information. When you receive email that sound too good to be true, it has to be not good at all.

How to Sell a Car on Craigslist Fast

The next step in how to sell a car on Craigslist, you can visit the website. After that, select country and city near you to grab potential buyers. In fact, location affects how to sell a car on Craigslist payment. Financial transaction in the same city will be quick and easy. It is similar to the same country. If you do not have enough experience dealing with foreign buyer, avoid such process.

The next step is to select the classification of your add, such as Craigslist sell car by owner. This process helps sellers to post ad in proper place. Selling car by owner is common classification for individual seller. For dealers, they can pick by dealer or both of them. It is essential part in how to sell a car on Craigslist, so do not make any mistake.

The title for ad has been explained above. Meanwhile, for the description part of how to sell a car on Craigslist, you have to be honest with car condition. Make simple and understandable sentence. Craigslist does not have proofread feature to check spelling and grammar. You have to check again after finishing write the description. Having problem in words will reduce buyers because they think that seller is not serious about the transaction. You should write the car description based on proper composition, for example 2005 Ford Thunderbird.

If you have already taken photos of car, then the next step is to upload them into website. You do not have to upload all of them but select the best photos to represent your car. Buyer will see each of them thoroughly and make judgment. When they request for test drive, the photo will be verified to match real condition car. In order to prevent unnecessary problem in how to sell a car on Craigslist, avoid any enhancement or refinement on color. Keep photo in natural way.

You can try selling a car on Craigslist cash, but in particular condition. If your price is eligible for cash payment, it will not be problem at all. When cash is decided as payment, you can pick a place that familiar and very safe. Buyer for another city will follow seller as sign of trust. Nevertheless, when you are familiar with every spot in city, it does not mean no harm will come. Selling car online still has big risk that has to be avoided. Ask friend to accompany you when buyer request for test drive. All of steps in how to sell a car on Craigslist conclude into one thing. Buyer and seller will get what they want in safe way and no anything illegal.