2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine for Any Activity

2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine – Toyota always gives the best vehicles for customer. Quality can be seen from engine, specifications, design, features, and additional parts. One of flagship models in pickup category is Tacoma. People use this car for heavy-duty work such as carrying stuff, towing, and off-road. 2017 Toyota Tacoma engine uses new technology. Before exploring more about engine, you need to see the car from several sides.

Form the outside, Toyota emblem is placed on front grille. The design is bold with aggressive appearance. As pickup vehicle, this car uses strong firm and sturdy figure to enhance the durability. LED lamps can be found at front and rear side to give more visibility. Inside car, you will see several indicator and display at front dashboard. High-grade leather is ready to make driver and passenger feel comfortable during journey.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine
2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine

2017 Toyota Tacoma engine is part of revolutionary upgrade form manufacturer. Engine capacity is lower than its predecessor. It only uses 3.5-liter V6. However, new engine gives more power and reduces fuel consumption. Toyota claims this car is able to produce 279 horsepower. You can get 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. Of course, it is not good number for speed freak. This car is designed for durability in long journey or hill driving.

EPA ratings for new model seem quite good. City driving takes one gallon for 18 miles. On the other hand, highway driving requires 23 miles to consume one gallon. The numbers represents car capability. You cannot get EPA rating more than 25 in highway driving for pickup vehicle. Towing capacity is 6800 lbs and payload capacity is 1440 lbs. People start to use Tacoma for daily transportation, so you may see it easily in urban or city area.

2017 Toyota Tacoma engine specs
2017 Toyota Tacoma engine specs

Several features are installed in this car. You can ignite the car from push button. Weather control is ready to implement your preference during journey. For safety measures, there are hill assist, anti-lock breaking, blind spot monitor, and traction control. To support 2017 Toyota Tacoma engine, manufacturer puts network feature to let driver keep engine in check. It is connected via internet for further controlling mode.

2017 Toyota Tacoma engine is the key factor in pricing. You are able to estimate the car price based on engine capability. More engine means high price. Tacoma consists of several variants. You can get SR mode with the price starts from $24,200. TRD price is higher and starts from $35,000. Moreover, you need to ask the availability of variants in authorized dealer.

Ultimate Experience with 2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

2017 Toyota Tacoma is part of third generation of pickup vehicle form Toyota that was released in 2015. Several updates have been added and new 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications consists of attractive parts. When you ask people about which pickup should buy, Tacoma will be on the top list. People call this car as Taco that shows how car become part of owner life.

2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications will be explored from cabin, exterior, engine, and performance. From cabin, Tacoma has one-row seat for SR mode and two-row seats for the rest of variants. On the top, moon roof feature is available, so you can see the outside directly. Several controls are installed on front dashboard. Moreover, the seats use high quality leather to make it more comfortable during driving.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications
2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

New front grille combined with Toyota emblem creates strong appearance. This car already uses LED light for head and rear lamp. With this lamp, driver will see clearly in fog, rain, or snow condition. Besides, the rear lamp shines brighter during night and it is smoother for day to keep the driver safe. In addition, the new tailgate supports towing ability of this car.

The key part in 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications is engine. Manufacturer uses 3.5-liter V6 engine with direct injection mode inside engine room. With this engine, you can receive 278 horsepower. This power is enough to handle off-road, towing, and carrying stuff. Tacoma consists of several variants and each of them uses similar engine platform. Even though this car is not for high speed driving, you need 7.9 seconds to reach 60 mph. Moreover, the top speed is 113 mph. This car has good efficiency rating. One gallon is enough to drive 18 miles in city or 23 miles for highway.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Transmission

For transmission, Tacoma uses 6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode.  Towing capability is up to 6800. You can pull any car from the small city car to the full size SUV. Several features are installed such as blind spot monitor, mounted windshield, push button start, backup camera, and hill assist. Customers can pick accessories and additional tool to support their activity. For safety measures, you can find traction control, brake assist, anti-lock brake system, and smart stop tech. Each of seats has safety belt to keep driver and passenger safety and secured.

2017 toyota tacoma transmission
2017 toyota tacoma transmission

To get Tacoma, you need at least $24,200. This price is for SR mode and the other variants are more than that price. 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications go side by side with price. After you look this car closely, you will understand why the price is different from previous generation. On market, Toyota products are well-known to offer reasonable price with excellent quality.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Interior with Comfortable Cabin

2017 Toyota Tacoma Interior – People start to see pickup vehicle as the choice for their daily transportation. In past time, this kind of vehicle was only for heavy duty such as carrying stuff or towing. Nowadays, you can easily see pickup in many roads. Tacoma is one of popular cars in this category and 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior has been upgraded to meet customer’s demand.

Before exploring interior side, let’s see the exterior and design of Tacoma. Front grille gets refinement to show the aggressive and bold appearance. This car is designed to handle towing, so at tailgate you will see certain structure to lock wire or cable. Manufacturer puts LED on head and rear lamp to enhance visibility.

2017 Toyota Tacoma interior dimension
2017 Toyota Tacoma interior dimension

Important part in 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior is its seats. Leather-trimmed makes the seats more comfortable to sit during long journey. As off-road vehicle, you need the excellent seats with capability to decrease shock. Moreover, the cabin uses two-row seats for TRD and Limited variants. SR variant only has one row. Even though the cabin size is different, overall car length is still the same regardless any variant. Each of seats is designed with high safety measure and the safety belts are ready to keep driver and passenger out of severe injuries.


In 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior, you can find moon roof on top and attractive panel at front dashboard. Moon roof is suitable to let sunlight pass through the cabin and it gives the additional light during daylight. You can see the outside directly. Useful indicators can be found such as for fuel, speed, engine rotation, etc. Toyota refines the dashboard with attractive display that shows many things such as navigation, traffic, weather, and route. You just need to press certain button to ignite the car and ready to enjoy journey.

As pickup, new Tacoma uses 3.5-liter engine. You will get powertrain more than 250 horsepower. It is enough to handle off-road, carrying stuff, or towing. This car is good for long journey. You can do hill driving without too much problems. To reach 100 km/h from zero, this car requires 3.9 seconds. Tacoma is not sport car, so don’t expect to use it at high speed driving. One reason why people buy Tacoma is about fuel efficiency. Comparison between this car and competitors shows the advantage from this point.

Initial price for SR model is $24,120. For TRD sport, you need to spend more than $30,000. Each of variants has specifics parts that increase the price. From 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior, you can estimate how much price will be needed to bring this car to garage.

Sneak Peak of 2018 Toyota Supra

www.ibucar.com – There is good news for those who are waiting for the latest model of Toyota Supra. 2018 Toyota Supra will be released in the near future. In this article, we will talk about the specification of this sport car.

2018 Toyota Supra Specs

The latest 2018 Toyota Supra will be released with new technology that is developed by Toyota and BMW. Some people said that the platform for this sport car has lot of inspirations from previous 2016 Supra model. Despite numerous rumors and prediction related to the car specification, Toyota guarantees that this model will impress the fans.

2018 Toyota Supra test drive
2018 Toyota Supra test drive

2018 Toyota Supra Interior

In order to satisfy its customer needs, the 2018 Toyota Supra is equipped with impressive interior design of sport car. The upholstering used on the seats is made out of top grade calfskin. The design is not only emphasize on the comfort aspect. In addition, it also provides the sophisticated infotainment system with friendly user interface. To match its outstanding red exterior, the interior also incorporates hint of red accent on black background. The interior is also packed with well-equipped features. Safety system, audio system, and many more features can be found inside this stunning designed car. Despite most sport car only has small space, this vehicle allows you to have plenty of room for activity without reducing your convenience.

2018 Toyota Supra Price

The manufacturer has not announced official information related to the price. However, with refined features and designs, the car is speculated around $40,000 up to $50,000. Since it sets target to United States market, the price tag will not be more than $60,000. You do not have to be worried that the sport car is pricy. Toyota makes sure that your money will worth its specification and not go to waste. For those of you who have limited budget, you can aim for lower trims. Trims on lower level still have the decent specification without ignoring its quality.

2018 Toyota Supra Engine

The most important aspect that mostly considered by customers who want to purchase the car is its engine. The drivetrain used on 2018 Toyota Supra is V6 engine. With this specification, you will expect that this particular sport car will win a competition of sport car in the same class. As sport car, you might expect the high power generated by the engine.

You will not be disappointed by the power of 260 up to 400 horsepower produced by the engine. This good looking car is also supported by great torque and stunning acceleration. For those who need a car with top speed, this car is the answer you are looking for.

2018 Toyota Supra Release Date

Although the manufacturer itself keeps the detail of this sport car in secret, you can expect that it will be released at the end of 2017. However, this information remains as informal information. For you who want to know when the 2018 Toyota Supra is available in the market, it seems that you have to wait for its official release.

New 2016 Toyota Supra Review

www.ibucar.com – In order to satisfy its costumer of the best performance sport car, Toyota Motor Corporation releases new 2016 Toyota Supra FT1. The predecessor of this vehicle uses formidable engine that is capable of producing high power. The feature added on the car is also complete. Moreover, it has refined design. Most automobile experts believe that the concept used on this series is derived from its predecessor, Toyota Celica. However, the design of this car is slightly larger. The manufacturer has not release official announcement about its specification. The following is the data of this car.

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Specs

Since Toyota Motor Corporation got plenty of suggestions from previous product, this car provides more comfort than old version. The comfort is obtained from high quality material and sophisticated feature it uses. As it goes with other sport car, 2016 Toyota Supra also incorporates two seats. The seat is covered by premium quality of leather upholstering. In addition, sound system and internet connection is also added as well.

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Specs
2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Specs

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Horsepower (HP)

In fact, the main engine used for 2016 Toyota Supra is 2.6 liter of turbo V6 engine. With this powerful engine specification, it is able to generate up to 400 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. If you think that the power is great, you should know about the fuel efficiency. It consumes less amount of fuel compared to other sport cars. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this series has the highest fuel efficiency on its class.

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Price

There are plenty specification about price tag of 2016 Toyota Supra. The price speculated for this version is ranging from $60,000 up to $80,000. Since the previous version comes at about $45,000, that specification might be true. The calculation itself is based on the materials, engines, and feature. Since most specifications have not been revealed, the calculation might slightly off a little bit.

2016 Toyota Supra MSRP

The debut of 2016 Toyota Supra is started during Detroit Auto show at 2014. At that event, the corporation only introduces the car series and its exterior design, not much mentioned about the price and MSRP. You need to wait patiently until the official release is announced.

2016 Toyota Supra MSRP
2016 Supra

2016 Toyota Supra Speed

When it comes to sport car, speed is an important aspect along with feature and comfort it provides. The 2016 Toyota Supra is equipped with powerful engine in order to give the best speed. With engine specification mentioned above, the car is definitely able to give high speed a sport car can have. Moreover, the engine allows the car to accelerate in short time.

Toyota Supra 2015

There is not much changing on the dimension of 2016 Toyota Supra from its 2015 version. However, the design has been refined to produce better aerodynamic and aesthetic look. The engine is also upgraded as well to give the responsive driving experience. Moreover, several features are added on the latest version, so driver will feel more comfortable.

Toyota Tacoma 2017 Finally Unveiled

www.ibucar.com – The power of Toyota has been accepted by so many automotive lovers all around the world. Famous with its entire spacious vehicle product, Toyota is always awaited. One of the newest released information shows that Toyota Tacoma 2017 will be the next gig.

This is one of the pickup based vehicles that are intended for travelers, sport lovers and even they who love around the countryside. In the process of release, there are some other project that will also be the competitor such as 2016 GMC Canyon and 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. To know whether Tacoma do lot of developments, let’s take a look deeper for this product.

What is New from Toyota Tacoma 2017?

Once you look at the design of Toyota Tacoma 2017, you will find so many things that are different on its interior and exterior. The basic design of the car is still carrying the concept of crew cab vehicle. Toyota is calling this type of car as 4runner series. This has the character of radiator grille which is trapezoidal. The other characters that strengthen its performance are the new led light for front and rear area. The bumper is also more interesting with the existence of Tacoma tag.

Toyota Tacoma 2017 TRD Pro
2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

In gaining the better user support for Toyota Tacoma 2017 interior review, Toyota bring bunch of benefits around. There, you will have metallic color as the interior basic ornaments. There will also be GoPro camera that is placed near the center mirror. This gives you best view of the whole journey. The entire upholstery is wrapped with leather for better durability. All the menus of your dashboard are freely controlled by using the touch screen user interface instead. The cargo is also more flexible since the new size is added. Other attractive features you need to know are traction control, the blind spot warning, another warning for lane departure and also the climate control. Some other sensor might also be available here.

It is almost impossible to ignore about the engine of Toyota Tacoma 2017. Tacoma series is famous for the strength of the engine in all road condition. It can even work well when you bring the car into rough road surface. The basic type engine specs which are offered will give you 2.7 liter of engine size. It comes with 4 cylinder based that can release about 159 horsepower for  car performance. The torque of this new Tacoma can reach 180 lb ft. For the other version, there will also 5.0 liter engine size which is supported by Cummin diesel motor performance. In giving the better satisfactory for all users, Toyota gives high fuel economy for this car.

It will only consume 19 mpg as the city driving options. Somehow, 25 mpg is offered for its highway driving performance. Although Toyota Tacoma 2017 is planned to be existed in next year, the newest release date plan shows that in the end of 2016, this car will start to be launched. You need to prepare $30,500 price for the highest trim of this new Tacoma.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems and Flaw from Customer View

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems – Problem on the car influences many things. If the product is new on market, the problem will make the sales significantly down. Existing brand might be survived when customers start to get problem in their car. However, it takes much time to regain trust and confidence in automotive industry. This matter can be seen from 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems.

Major problems come from body, engine, and transmission. Toyota launched new Tacoma in 2012 with several upgrades. New model might be still on market, but Toyota cannot ignore problem in this car. It is difficult to identify problem immediately, even though manufacturer incorporate high-quality assurance.

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems
2017 Toyota Tacoma problems

To identify 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems, you need to see what’s inside engine room. 2.5 liter V6 is ready to exhaust 279 horsepower. In term of powertrain, third generation uses different engine because previous model was designed with 4.0 liter.  Based on eligible testing, you can reach 60 mph from zero for 7.9 seconds. TRD Pro and Limited variants have faster speed of 0.6 second. It is not car for your street racing.

Toyota adds many upgrades in many sides. Exterior uses new grille with Toyota emblem. It enhances appearance of the car to look more aggressive. On the rear side, you can see tailgate and open trunk to support your duty. Specific part is available to hold car while towing. Maximum payload is 1440 lbs and 6800 lbs for towing. It is your good option for pickup truck.

All about 2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems

From specifications and features, you can see some major 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems. Acceleration is still major issue in new Tacoma. Automotive analysts stated this car is too slow compared to several vehicles in same category. You need 7.9 second to reach 60 mph. The problem may come from transmission which is only 6-speed automatic.

Toyota might need to learn more from competitors to create pickup truck with fuel efficacy, but more powerful engine. Several competitors have better fuel efficiency with more power. It is tough challenge for Tacoma. Latest generation seems to abandon central feature that’s very crucial to attract customers.

Even though it is not directly related, 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems can also be seen from price. Base price of this car is slightly higher than competitor at the same market and category. Customers will think twice before buying. Acceleration, powertrain, engine, design, and feature are important aspects to determine customers’ preference. However, you do not have to worry about after-service because Toyota is the top company with excellent score in this area.