Lamborghini Aventador Develops its New Hyper Exotic Performance

Lamborghini Aventador – Supercar family of Lamborghini is now getting crowds by the release issues of Lamborghini Aventador. Aventador becomes one of the super sport cars that have a very hyper exotic appearance and performance. That is why lot of people adore and wait the official introduction of the car to public.

Before its release, manufacturer of Aventador is also announcing some product that will be released in close time. They are Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 and Lamborghini Veneno. However, the previous one that also already succeed in rising the attention of the public is coming from the performance of Lamborghini Gallardo. Today, we will start with the presence of Lamborghini Aventador specs. The engine of this futuristic car should have the great performance as the people hope. So, how is Lamborghini improving their engine works? Let’s see some of development that has been made.

Lamborghini Aventador Engine

As the car with jet inspired technology, Aventador is powered by 6.5 liter engine base size with V12 engine type. Maximum performance of the engine can reach 691 horsepower. The whole strength and power can bring the car into its 217 mph of maximum speed. It brings 7 speed transmissions with independent shifting rods. All- wheel drive becomes the drivetrain.

Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

Once you check the design of exterior and interior of Lamborghini Aventador, you will feel so amazed. Basically, most of the constructions are using the carbon fiber material. It means that all performance will be low slug. With the huge size, the overall weight is only 3700 lbs. It brings the car run fast and feels like lighting. All the sides are completed with much edgy body. Although it is all totally new, you will see that this car is still maintaining the character of Lamborghini. It is available in many color variants and all of them are pretty impressive.

Talking about the car interior, we can see that Aventador is a supercar that brings the unique cabin design. It has low slug and scissor doors design that improve the performance as a futuristic car. Moreover, it also means that the passenger position needs to be half slide and also do some half fall movement into the seats, especially when you are entering and going out from the car. Luckily, you will still have a very appropriate leg room. Although it does not ample, you will still be able to reach the comforts. Moreover, the trunk of Lamborghini Aventador is even available, although it is limited.

Build to be supercar, Aventador has lot of buyer that ready to welcome the launch. However, they will need to be fast as the car performance because Lamborghini is issued to only produce for about 600 units to the market. Each of them will have $493,095 of price. However, if you choose the convertible one, you will get cheaper price which is about $441,600. It will be released soon after entering the second semester of the year. All the way to wait is worth because Lamborghini Aventador always comes with the performance which will never make anyone disappointed.

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