New 2016 Toyota Supra Review

2016 Toyota Supra MSRP – In order to satisfy its costumer of the best performance sport car, Toyota Motor Corporation releases new 2016 Toyota Supra FT1. The predecessor of this vehicle uses formidable engine that is capable of producing high power. The feature added on the car is also complete. Moreover, it has refined design. Most automobile experts believe that the concept used on this series is derived from its predecessor, Toyota Celica. However, the design of this car is slightly larger. The manufacturer has not release official announcement about its specification. The following is the data of this car.

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Specs

Since Toyota Motor Corporation got plenty of suggestions from previous product, this car provides more comfort than old version. The comfort is obtained from high quality material and sophisticated feature it uses. As it goes with other sport car, 2016 Toyota Supra also incorporates two seats. The seat is covered by premium quality of leather upholstering. In addition, sound system and internet connection is also added as well.

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Specs
2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Specs

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Horsepower (HP)

In fact, the main engine used for 2016 Toyota Supra is 2.6 liter of turbo V6 engine. With this powerful engine specification, it is able to generate up to 400 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. If you think that the power is great, you should know about the fuel efficiency. It consumes less amount of fuel compared to other sport cars. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this series has the highest fuel efficiency on its class.

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Price

There are plenty specification about price tag of 2016 Toyota Supra. The price speculated for this version is ranging from $60,000 up to $80,000. Since the previous version comes at about $45,000, that specification might be true. The calculation itself is based on the materials, engines, and feature. Since most specifications have not been revealed, the calculation might slightly off a little bit.

2016 Toyota Supra MSRP

The debut of 2016 Toyota Supra is started during Detroit Auto show at 2014. At that event, the corporation only introduces the car series and its exterior design, not much mentioned about the price and MSRP. You need to wait patiently until the official release is announced.

2016 Toyota Supra MSRP
2016 Supra

2016 Toyota Supra Speed

When it comes to sport car, speed is an important aspect along with feature and comfort it provides. The 2016 Toyota Supra is equipped with powerful engine in order to give the best speed. With engine specification mentioned above, the car is definitely able to give high speed a sport car can have. Moreover, the engine allows the car to accelerate in short time.

Toyota Supra 2015

There is not much changing on the dimension of 2016 Toyota Supra from its 2015 version. However, the design has been refined to produce better aerodynamic and aesthetic look. The engine is also upgraded as well to give the responsive driving experience. Moreover, several features are added on the latest version, so driver will feel more comfortable.

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