How to Solve 1997 BMW 328i Airbag Light On– BMW is well known to be the car manufacturer that has great ability in making good design of car. Although design become the first sight of every car buyer, the only good design will not make a car is perfect. With the remarkable 1997 BMW 328i airbag light on that often appear, this car is famous to be the most stylish sedan that are launched that years.

The features, engine and performances are made to be great as well. That is why the hunter of the car is stop pretty much. You can ensure about the presence of engine, specs as well as the performance for better use. As one of the most beautiful sedan in the year of 1997, you will get that the car is pretty impressive in specs.

1997 BMW 328i airbag light on
1997 BMW 328i airbag light on

It has spacious engine which has 2.8 liter engine size with a very powerful horsepower as well. In the determined RPM, the horsepower can reach 190. This amount is enough to be made as the daily city car. Some of the consumers are complaints about 1997 BMW 328i airbag light on, however this problem is still unanswered by the BMW. By the time, it becomes the common problem that is ignored by the user of the car.

Airbag is one of the important elements in the car. It will ensure about the performance of the car especially in the aspects of safety. You will also be able to get the better protection for yourself while something bad happens.

This car is supported with the spacious drivetrain, it uses RWD mode. Beside the use of this mode, you will also receive the possibilities of driving the car with its 5 transmission system. All the spacious features can sometimes make people forget about 1997 BMW 328i airbag light on.  It is also capable for you to improve the appearance and function of the car by applying great 1997 BMW 328i accessories. It can be in the form of many things such as door handle, bumper and so on. It will not only functional for the exterior area of the car. It is also well functioned for the interior as well.

To ensure that you are pretty lucky to have this car, you can search them in the accessories store. Because the car is already old, sometimes it is hard to hunt the accessories, however the replacement are still exists. For solving 1997 BMW 328i airbag light on, you will need a little bit budget which does not chap, it around $70 just for fix that parts.

Improving Car Appearance and Functions with 1997 BMW 328i Accessories – Sedan is the best car model for you who are doing the daily activities as the citizen, or the commuter. The benefit of sedan is surely become the main reason why you have to choose them. They have good fuel economy and better comfort for daily use. 1997 BMW 328i accessories are started to be hunted by the user since this car is used by large amount of people.

In the first launch, you will surely attract to the exterior appearance as well as all the features that are located inside. They can surely give you pleasant of driving. The engine of this car is really impressive. As the sedan with 2.8 liter engine size, this car is capable to run pretty fast. The highest speed in the maximum performance is 236 kilometer per hour.

1997 BMW 328i Accessories
1997 BMW 328i Accessories – Source: Google

Well, it is very surprising. The speed is possible to be reached because there are some additional improvements in the engine of this car. Some of them are the presence of the appropriate engine cylinder. It applies 6 cylinders with straight position. The overall power are also various. However the maximum one is 190 BHP at the 5300 rpm. Do not be worry about the other aspects; you can use 1997 BMW 328i accessories to gain better performance for your car.

Manual transmission system is applied by BMW. It makes the acceleration of this $3,000 – $8,000 car is pretty impressive. With all of this acceleration, you will surely get the ability of gaining the impressive riding in all road condition. The entire wheel might move comfort and smoothly because it carry the spacious performance for better stability. If you want more appealing performance, you can even put 1997 BMW 328i accessories for completing the interior and exterior of the car. The price of 1997 BMW 328i secondary air pump is varied. However, the used price of this car unit is now less than $8,000 and even less than $5,000 based on the condition.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine for Any Activity

2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine – Toyota always gives the best vehicles for customer. Quality can be seen from engine, specifications, design, features, and additional parts. One of flagship models in pickup category is Tacoma. People use this car for heavy-duty work such as carrying stuff, towing, and off-road. 2017 Toyota Tacoma engine uses new technology. Before exploring more about engine, you need to see the car from several sides.

Form the outside, Toyota emblem is placed on front grille. The design is bold with aggressive appearance. As pickup vehicle, this car uses strong firm and sturdy figure to enhance the durability. LED lamps can be found at front and rear side to give more visibility. Inside car, you will see several indicator and display at front dashboard. High-grade leather is ready to make driver and passenger feel comfortable during journey.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine
2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine

2017 Toyota Tacoma engine is part of revolutionary upgrade form manufacturer. Engine capacity is lower than its predecessor. It only uses 3.5-liter V6. However, new engine gives more power and reduces fuel consumption. Toyota claims this car is able to produce 279 horsepower. You can get 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. Of course, it is not good number for speed freak. This car is designed for durability in long journey or hill driving.

EPA ratings for new model seem quite good. City driving takes one gallon for 18 miles. On the other hand, highway driving requires 23 miles to consume one gallon. The numbers represents car capability. You cannot get EPA rating more than 25 in highway driving for pickup vehicle. Towing capacity is 6800 lbs and payload capacity is 1440 lbs. People start to use Tacoma for daily transportation, so you may see it easily in urban or city area.

2017 Toyota Tacoma engine specs
2017 Toyota Tacoma engine specs

Several features are installed in this car. You can ignite the car from push button. Weather control is ready to implement your preference during journey. For safety measures, there are hill assist, anti-lock breaking, blind spot monitor, and traction control. To support 2017 Toyota Tacoma engine, manufacturer puts network feature to let driver keep engine in check. It is connected via internet for further controlling mode.

2017 Toyota Tacoma engine is the key factor in pricing. You are able to estimate the car price based on engine capability. More engine means high price. Tacoma consists of several variants. You can get SR mode with the price starts from $24,200. TRD price is higher and starts from $35,000. Moreover, you need to ask the availability of variants in authorized dealer.

Ultimate Experience with 2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

2017 Toyota Tacoma is part of third generation of pickup vehicle form Toyota that was released in 2015. Several updates have been added and new 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications consists of attractive parts. When you ask people about which pickup should buy, Tacoma will be on the top list. People call this car as Taco that shows how car become part of owner life.

2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications will be explored from cabin, exterior, engine, and performance. From cabin, Tacoma has one-row seat for SR mode and two-row seats for the rest of variants. On the top, moon roof feature is available, so you can see the outside directly. Several controls are installed on front dashboard. Moreover, the seats use high quality leather to make it more comfortable during driving.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications
2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

New front grille combined with Toyota emblem creates strong appearance. This car already uses LED light for head and rear lamp. With this lamp, driver will see clearly in fog, rain, or snow condition. Besides, the rear lamp shines brighter during night and it is smoother for day to keep the driver safe. In addition, the new tailgate supports towing ability of this car.

The key part in 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications is engine. Manufacturer uses 3.5-liter V6 engine with direct injection mode inside engine room. With this engine, you can receive 278 horsepower. This power is enough to handle off-road, towing, and carrying stuff. Tacoma consists of several variants and each of them uses similar engine platform. Even though this car is not for high speed driving, you need 7.9 seconds to reach 60 mph. Moreover, the top speed is 113 mph. This car has good efficiency rating. One gallon is enough to drive 18 miles in city or 23 miles for highway.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Transmission

For transmission, Tacoma uses 6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode.  Towing capability is up to 6800. You can pull any car from the small city car to the full size SUV. Several features are installed such as blind spot monitor, mounted windshield, push button start, backup camera, and hill assist. Customers can pick accessories and additional tool to support their activity. For safety measures, you can find traction control, brake assist, anti-lock brake system, and smart stop tech. Each of seats has safety belt to keep driver and passenger safety and secured.

2017 toyota tacoma transmission
2017 toyota tacoma transmission

To get Tacoma, you need at least $24,200. This price is for SR mode and the other variants are more than that price. 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications go side by side with price. After you look this car closely, you will understand why the price is different from previous generation. On market, Toyota products are well-known to offer reasonable price with excellent quality.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Interior with Comfortable Cabin

2017 Toyota Tacoma Interior – People start to see pickup vehicle as the choice for their daily transportation. In past time, this kind of vehicle was only for heavy duty such as carrying stuff or towing. Nowadays, you can easily see pickup in many roads. Tacoma is one of popular cars in this category and 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior has been upgraded to meet customer’s demand.

Before exploring interior side, let’s see the exterior and design of Tacoma. Front grille gets refinement to show the aggressive and bold appearance. This car is designed to handle towing, so at tailgate you will see certain structure to lock wire or cable. Manufacturer puts LED on head and rear lamp to enhance visibility.

2017 Toyota Tacoma interior dimension
2017 Toyota Tacoma interior dimension

Important part in 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior is its seats. Leather-trimmed makes the seats more comfortable to sit during long journey. As off-road vehicle, you need the excellent seats with capability to decrease shock. Moreover, the cabin uses two-row seats for TRD and Limited variants. SR variant only has one row. Even though the cabin size is different, overall car length is still the same regardless any variant. Each of seats is designed with high safety measure and the safety belts are ready to keep driver and passenger out of severe injuries.


In 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior, you can find moon roof on top and attractive panel at front dashboard. Moon roof is suitable to let sunlight pass through the cabin and it gives the additional light during daylight. You can see the outside directly. Useful indicators can be found such as for fuel, speed, engine rotation, etc. Toyota refines the dashboard with attractive display that shows many things such as navigation, traffic, weather, and route. You just need to press certain button to ignite the car and ready to enjoy journey.

As pickup, new Tacoma uses 3.5-liter engine. You will get powertrain more than 250 horsepower. It is enough to handle off-road, carrying stuff, or towing. This car is good for long journey. You can do hill driving without too much problems. To reach 100 km/h from zero, this car requires 3.9 seconds. Tacoma is not sport car, so don’t expect to use it at high speed driving. One reason why people buy Tacoma is about fuel efficiency. Comparison between this car and competitors shows the advantage from this point.

Initial price for SR model is $24,120. For TRD sport, you need to spend more than $30,000. Each of variants has specifics parts that increase the price. From 2017 Toyota Tacoma interior, you can estimate how much price will be needed to bring this car to garage.

More about Audi Q5 Towing Capacity – It is obviously clear that Audi Q5 towing capacity relies on engine and powertrain. In 2012, Audi introduced new engine for this car. There are three engine capacities, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.2 liter. For fuel, this car uses petrol, diesel, and hybrid. The latter is combination between electricity and petrol. It seems that diesel engine is put on hold because of test result problem. Further notice will be announced and petrol is customer’s choice now.

Hybrid Quattro engine is able to exhaust more than 200 horsepower. This power is bigger than some competitors in hybrid category. Compact crossover is very competitive market. Audi fights fiercely with several luxury brands, new or old. Expanding product into hybrid is alternative to gain more customers and maintain brand value. For petrol, 2.0 liter is capable to produce 225 horsepower and 275 for 3.0 liter. For 2.0-liter diesel, power train is about 140 horsepower. 3.0 liter will exhaust 245 to 309 horsepower depends on engine type. Crossover is second choice to do high speed driving. Based on reliable test, this car need 5.8 seconds from zero to reach 100 km/h. This number is higher than competitor.

Audi Q5 Towing Capacity
Audi Q5 Towing Capacity

Audi is known as automaker with advanced technology, so acceleration is the top priority. Besides, EPA ration for Q5 is promising. For city driving, one gallon will reach 20 miles. Highway driving rating is 31 mpg. As you can see, these results put Audi into top efficiency car manufacturer. Luxury product does not mean lack of efficiency, particularly fuel consumption. Manufacturer plans to create new 2018 Audi Q5 redesign with some upgrades and refinements.

Audi Q5 towing capacity is 2 tons and you can put things on the car roof up to 100 kg. The car is equipped with special control for this purpose. When you mount stuff on car, roof or backside, the car indicator on dashboard will show locking sign. This car has stability control to prevent sneaking and blind spot when towing something at back. Crossover car is smaller version of full-size SUV, so towing is not its proficiency, but able to handle properly.

Most of Audi vehicles are classified into luxury car, so the price is more than normal. Since first generation, price of Q5 is more than $30,000 and new model is predicted to reach $42,000. Actually, the price of car depends on many factors, so you might find difference between one region and others. Besides Audi Q5 towing capacity, you do not have to worry because you get what you want. Therefore, Audi Q5 is top choice to people want luxury and sophisticated in their car.

Mazda CX 5 Towing Capacity and Features

Mazda CX 5 towing capacity – Crossover consists of several sub-categories and compact segment is the most competitive market. Mazda launched CX-5 in 2012 and official sales were in 2013. This car is Mazda flagship product to compete in compact crossover. Actually, this kind of car is not for towing or hauling, but customers want to know how much Mazda CX 5 towing capacity. Before revealing this answer, keep in mind that this car is not pickup, so just compare it with the same category.

Experts estimate Mazda CX 5 towing capacity might be around 2000 pounds to 3000 pounds. Towing capability is different between test and real situation. There are several factors that involve in this matter. This capacity depends on engine, body frame, transmission, chassis, towing stuff, additional equipment, road, etc. Hatchback is quite handy for towing because no back baggage like in sedan. Hatchback is car with two pairs of doors and one single door at back. It is small version of SUV with two rows.

Mazda CX 5 Towing Capacity
Mazda CX 5 Towing Capacity

Everything about Mazda CX 5 Towing Capacity

Mazda CX 5 uses two engine capacities. 2.0-liter injection will produce 155 horsepower. This engine is available in Asia countries. Another engine is 2.5 liter and exhausts more than 180 horsepower. Compact crossover is vehicle for city driving, so the engine is smaller between 2.0 and 3.0 liter. Mazda relies on CX-5 to fulfill urban transportation. This is the main reason why engine capacity is not bigger than 3.0. You do not need much power in high traffic. Moreover, this car is not for high speed driving. Based on eligible test, CX-5 is able to reach 100 km/h for 7.7 seconds. Of course, you cannot compete this car with sport car or supercar, even SUV.

Having low engine does not mean lack of features. Manufacture intends to release 2018 Mazda CX-5 for new generation. Aside of Mazda CX 5 towing capacity, there are interesting and attractive equipment inside the car. You will get seats with high quality leather. This car has firm frame and chassis to maneuver in difficult position. For this mode, Mazda develops the easy handling system. As you know, Mazda’s car is known with the easiest handling. You can feel difference after hitting the road in full of traffic.

The car is equipped with display at front dashboard. For safety, this car has anti-lock braking, traction control, blind spot censor, seatbelt, airbag, and Mazda software. The latter becomes the key of future development of this car. Transmission is size speed automatic, but driver needs to use manual shifting to control car. New model will get refinement armrest to feel more comfortable during long journey. Driver will receive notification such route, destination, weather, and traffic.

As it mentioned d above, first generation went into market in 2015 and new model is still under development. Mazda released some facelift of this car with no significant alteration. Manufacturer intends to replace old headlamp with LED mode to increase visibility. As for Mazda CX 5 towing capacity, there are additional tools at back of car that suitable for this purpose. For your information, initial price of this car starts from $22,700.

2016 Pontiac Trans AM: New Car with Futuristic Design – 2016 Pontiac Trans AM is placed on top of the most wanted car to be released in the future. This new car is still in definitive and no official announcement has been published by manufacturer. Everyone wants to know more about this car in the future. If this car is put in real production, it will create long line behind desk to make reservation.

This car is created based on Pontiac Firebird. Front grille should be smooth, but keep the aerodynamic design to enhance acceleration. People recognize Pontiac from front and back side. Manufactures may keep the basic design, but add smoother accent.

2016 Pontiac Trans AM specs
2016 Pontiac Trans AM specs

For the next 2016 Pontiac Trans AM, its interior will get the latest technology. At front dashboard, LED display is ready to show some apps. Navigation system will support the useful information. It guides driver to take right road and measure what time he/she will get destination. This car is also equipped with Bluetooth and wireless. Driver and passenger can stay connected via internet. Manufacturer installs recent safety system such as airbags, seatbelts, cruise control, blind spot sensor and anti-lock braking.

2016 Pontiac Trans AM interior
2016 Pontiac Trans AM interior

The last model of this car was able to exhaust around 250 horsepower with capacity between 4.0 and 7.0 liter. Analysts expect this car has engine capacity approximately 5.0 liter. Of course, it looks bigger for vehicle in muscle segment. Competitors in this category has engine less than 4.0 liter. If Pontiac intends to release this car for future production, it will be wise to transform into complete supercar. Moreover, the powertrain should be more than 400 horsepower.

Definitive date for production is still in uncertainty. It does not mean this car is less irresistible to automotive fans curiosity. People want to know how much this car when already on market. Based on specification, design, and features, initial price for 2016 Pontiac Trans AM might start at $40,000. The price is tentative and able to change to match with recent information and economic condition.

2017 Ford Fusion Review – 2017 Ford Fusion is the most awaited car from Ford. It receives major upgrades to get more attention from the customers all over the world. The design is refaced, while it still retains attractive interior, several choices of powertrain and high technology safety features. There is no need to wonder that Fusion has great rating from the critics due to the presence of technology, spacious cabin and agile look. In the market, Fusion has to compete with Chevrolet Malibu, Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry. Moreover, the mid-size sedan receives updates on interior and exterior.

2017 Ford Fusion Exterior and Interior

Fusion features slimmer and wider grille with darker exterior color. Enjoy the elegant design that located at the revised chrome strip. In this new exterior design, the LED taillamps and LED headlamps are incorporated. Fusion also surprises the world with special 19-inch wheel, dual exhaust outlets, a rear spoiler and deeper front air intake. Inside, it is spacious, comfortable and impressive.  The door trim, instrument panel and steering wheel are upholstered using the high quality leather in Platinum model of 2017 Ford Fusion. When you are inside, you can hardly notice the vibration and damping. You will never get bored when spending the time inside the cabin as it has Sync 3 version of Ford’s interactive infotainment system.

2017 Ford Fusion Specs
2017 Ford Fusion Specs

2017 Ford Fusion Engine

In addition, the storage area is also ample due to the new console design. The rear room can accommodate four adults. They will be comfortable with sufficient amount of legroom. The base trim level features front seats which can be repositioned manually. 2017 Ford Fusion is powerful enough to hit the road. It offers five different options for the powertrain.  The base trim runs 2.5-L 4-cylinder engine which can produce powertrain at 178 HP. Furthermore, it is coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission.  If you focus more on the great level of gas mileage, choose 1.5 liter EcoBoost turbo engine.

If you want the engine coupled with all-wheel drive system, the Fusion will run 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo for engine. It can generate the output at 240 HP and 270 lb-ft of torque. The fifth power line in Fusion is the newly added one. It features a twin turbo V6 engine with 2.7 liter displacement.  It produces output at 325 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. When you compare the power with the one in Camry or Accord, Fusion has greater performance. The base model will be sold at $23,000. If you are interested with Fusion SE, the price is at$30,000. Meanwhile, the top line of 2017 Ford Fusion is priced at $42,000. It will be released somewhere in 2017.


Turquoise Bracelet, the Artifact of the Sky – As a vital part in the world of jewelry, turquoise is a unique gemstone with distinct characteristics and history. It is a bright blue-colored gemstone with exotic feel one can understand by simply gazing it. Turquoise has been made into various accessories such as turquoise bracelet. Moreover, jewelries made of turquoise possess a very unique history. Many fans of jewelry and gemstone have no idea that turquoise itself is the icon of Native American Indians. With the latest technology and creativity, you can now not only create a DIY bracelet made from turquoise, but also learn and understand how important this jewelry is at the hand of world history.

turquoise bracelet
turquoise bracelet

Turquoise Bracelet as the Icon of the Past

Turquoise bracelet is actually an ancient jewelry, similar to the jewelries made in turquoise. Back in 200 B.C., Native American Indians—particularly the Anasazi Indian Culture—began to dig and mine for turquoise. During the first time turquoise was discovered, Anasazi people began to create turquoise ornaments by grinding the gemstone by hand.

Because of the painful process, Anasazi people struggled and finally found a way to drill holes into the turquoise. By the year 100 B.C., Anasazi people managed to create turquoise beads and jewelries. One of the jewelries they made is turquoise bracelet.

However, how is this one so important to the American Indians? It was their culture to pay respect to turquoise gemstone due to its powerful spiritual energy. Indeed, Native Americans believed that it is a sacred gemstone from the sky above; the gods above. This is how turquoise received its unique nickname, the “Skystone.” For decades, it was used and worshipped as a gemstone with healing energy. Such tradition continued for a long time until the Anasazi people began to show a change.

turquoise earrings
turquoise earrings

After the Anasazi people began to leave their former land, the Santo Domingo Indians who lived in Santo Domingo Pueblo started over the whole turquoise business. Santo Domingo people lived exactly nearby a major trade route called Santa Fe and made use of turquoise as the local’s point of interest. In the 1500’s A.D., turquoise jewelry was commercially produced by the Santo Domingo Pueblo. This icon of Native American Indians was later found itself shipped across the whole America by storm in 1650 A.D. It was during this time that turquoise bracelet also became a trend among Americans. Even today, many Americans respect the turquoise gemstone and jewelry as a part of Native Americans’ culture and history.

Nowadays, people have begun producing turquoise jewelry in unique and efficient ways. While Native American Indians struggled very hard to simply grind turquoise, today’s modern technology helps the process of making turquoise jewelry way faster and safer than before. Many people can even create their own DIY turquoise bracelet. And now, you can do so as well.

To create this kind of DIY jewelry is not as hard as before, and it will definitely spare your expense. Materials used to create the turquoise bracelet include bronze jump rings, style caps, bronze bracelet, eye pins, headpins, and three types of turquoise beads; 10 mm round beads, 6 mm round beads, and chip beads. For the tools, all you need are needle, round, and diagonal pliers. Here are the steps in making the bracelet.

  1. The first part

First of all, cut the bronze bracelet into two bronze chains. With the bronze jump rings, connect the chains to form a now-detachable bracelet. Remember to preserve the remaining bronze bracelet, as it will become a vital part later on!

  1. Applying the beads

Prepare chip turquoise beads and combine several of them individually with the bronze headpins. On the end of the headpins, create a hoop. Then, combine the chip beads to the bronze chains with the help of jump rings.

  1. Still imperfect

The current combination cannot become a complete turquoise bracelet yet. The step continues as you add style caps to both ends of the combination with bronze eye pins—make sure to get antique style caps! After applying the style caps to both ends, make another hoop to the eye pins.

  1. Hungry for beads

Combine 4 pieces of 10 mm round beads individually with the bronze eye pins and make a hoop to the eye pins. Each two pieces will be combined to both ends of the previous combination. Now is the time to use the remaining bronze bracelet and combine each end to both sides of the combination.

  1. Tying up loose ends

You’re almost there! For the coup de grace, combine four 6 mm round beads individually with four bronze headpins. Make a hoop as usual on the other end and apply these four beads to one of the sides of the bracelet. Either the right side or left side will do; the choice is all yours.

Thus marks the end of the adventure for the turquoise gemstone. The so-called Skystone is indeed remarkable and intriguing in so many ways, and people can now appreciate it through many ways as well. A way to preserve the historic remnant of the Native Americans is by making turquoise jewelry. DIY turquoise bracelet is fun and exciting to make, in addition to its beautiful and soothing aspects.