1997 BMW 328i proves the Strength of BMW’s Old Machine

www.ibucar.com – Choosing the most appropriate sedan for supporting the daily life is sometimes dilemmatic. We are facing the fast changing technologies that makes every car manufacturer is capable in making the great specification car. One of them is 1997 BMW 328i, a sedan car that is fulfilled with the presence of spacious features and engine specifications.

It also carries the most impressive design at that time, the beauty of the design can even make it still appropriate to be ride as today’s car. Although it is already old, many people are looking for this stuff because the performance is never exhausted. To make sure that 1997 BMW 328i is the appropriate car to choose, you have to pay attention toward all the features, specs and all the information about this car. You can start from the design.

1997 BMW 328i
1997 BMW 328i

This car is basically one of the 4 door sedan that are ever released by BMW. This is a proportional body shape for a city car. Sedan is pretty much comfortable to be used cross city or in the city road itself. You will have the great performance of car through all of its concepts. It awesome body determines how the car performance will show.

Interior parts of this car are also not so far away from all the new cars that are invented these recent times. It is good to ensure about the part of the interior as well. Because this car is front engine, it means that the rear side of the car is free and can be used as cargo. You can ensure about the width and the size of the cargo for better carriage during travel.

The engine of 1997 BMW 328i will also support all of your needs. It has 2.8 liter engine size that is supported by using 6 cylinder power plants. The presence of the engine is really environmental friendly. Overall performance of the car will not enough if we are only seen the interior and exterior. Under the hood, you will find a very strong engine. The engine is having spacious 6 powers.

Based on the test, the power can have 193 horsepower when the engine reaches 5300 rpm. Then for the torque, you will get 207 lb. ft. in the 3950 rpm. Engine of 1997 BMW 328i is not only capable for producing better power. You will also get better speed from this type of engine.

The car can run up to 147 mph. The engine performance can reach 6.4 seconds for reaching 0 to 60 mph. It means that the sedan is pretty fast for such a car that made long time ago. The presence of great engine quality will not make the fuel economy is pretty low. You can check that the fuel economy is reaching 13.5 liter for 100 kilometers. It is tested in the combined road condition. So, all the performance of the 1997 BMW 328i has made many people select the car as their choice. The used price is around $1,500 to $8,000 and it depends on the car condition.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems and Flaw from Customer View

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems – Problem on the car influences many things. If the product is new on market, the problem will make the sales significantly down. Existing brand might be survived when customers start to get problem in their car. However, it takes much time to regain trust and confidence in automotive industry. This matter can be seen from 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems.

Major problems come from body, engine, and transmission. Toyota launched new Tacoma in 2012 with several upgrades. New model might be still on market, but Toyota cannot ignore problem in this car. It is difficult to identify problem immediately, even though manufacturer incorporate high-quality assurance.

2017 Toyota Tacoma problems
2017 Toyota Tacoma problems

To identify 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems, you need to see what’s inside engine room. 2.5 liter V6 is ready to exhaust 279 horsepower. In term of powertrain, third generation uses different engine because previous model was designed with 4.0 liter.  Based on eligible testing, you can reach 60 mph from zero for 7.9 seconds. TRD Pro and Limited variants have faster speed of 0.6 second. It is not car for your street racing.

Toyota adds many upgrades in many sides. Exterior uses new grille with Toyota emblem. It enhances appearance of the car to look more aggressive. On the rear side, you can see tailgate and open trunk to support your duty. Specific part is available to hold car while towing. Maximum payload is 1440 lbs and 6800 lbs for towing. It is your good option for pickup truck.

All about 2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems

From specifications and features, you can see some major 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems. Acceleration is still major issue in new Tacoma. Automotive analysts stated this car is too slow compared to several vehicles in same category. You need 7.9 second to reach 60 mph. The problem may come from transmission which is only 6-speed automatic.

Toyota might need to learn more from competitors to create pickup truck with fuel efficacy, but more powerful engine. Several competitors have better fuel efficiency with more power. It is tough challenge for Tacoma. Latest generation seems to abandon central feature that’s very crucial to attract customers.

Even though it is not directly related, 2017 Toyota Tacoma problems can also be seen from price. Base price of this car is slightly higher than competitor at the same market and category. Customers will think twice before buying. Acceleration, powertrain, engine, design, and feature are important aspects to determine customers’ preference. However, you do not have to worry about after-service because Toyota is the top company with excellent score in this area.

1997 BMW 328i Secondary Air Pump Placement Options

www.ibucar.com – Having BMW car means that you need to know some basic character about the car. The more you develop the car, the more you will understand about the power and the performance. 328i is one of the cars that often get trouble. One of them is 1997 BMW 328i secondary air pump. This can give the bad impacts to the condition of the car when it does not work well. We know that the function is very fundamental especially in raising the humidity in the car cabin.

Before discussing the presence of 1997 BMW 328i secondary air pump, it is better to review the overall specification of this car for first. This is a car that brings the awesome sedan concept both for the body as well as the engine. Although sedan is not having practical body design, the function is really practical. You do not need to purchase fuel too often because it has high fuel economy.

1997 BMW 328i Secondary Air Pump
1997 BMW 328i Secondary Air Pump

In the combined road condition, you will have 6.7 liter for 100 kilometers of journey. It shows that the car is really economical for you. Then, after you develop the features and spec, you can start to fix the presence of your failed pump. You can start the whole process by replacing the air pump to make sure its condition is better. Removing the air pump is actually not solving the problem at all. You have to ensure that replacement stuff is ready.

Although it is only a small stuff, the whole presence of the stuff is very functional. It might produce sound such a vacuum cleaner. With the normal works, it will only operate when the car is turned on. After some minutes it will be turned off by itself. This type of air pump can be placed away from the dashboard of your cheap car, it starts from $1,750. However if you want, you can also place it nearly the existing 1997 BMW 328i secondary air pump.

2017 Ford Bronco for Future SUV

www.ibucar.com – First generation of Bronco was released in 1966. Ford created this car as sport utility vehicle, but in small category. Five generation had been launched and officially discontinued in 1996. More than twenty years, Bronco is still in safe box and ready to revive. For 2017 Ford Bronco, you will expect to get much refinements and updates.

It is not easy to produce new car, even from old brand. Ford has two vehicles which contain potential platform for Bronco. Pickup truck and SUV are the categories to let Bronco enter the market. However, SUV market is very tough. Ford has Expedition for this class and F-150 for pickup. Both of them resemble Bronco in term of class and engine.

Comparison with 2016 Ford Bronco

Automotive fans still wait 2017 Ford Bronco to come into market, though manufacturer has not launched it officially. In 2016, there is rumor about 2016 Ford Bronco. From 2016 to 2017, you might not find significant differences because Ford still put on hold this car. However, the next generation will share similar platform and wheelbase with other products. Ford has agreement with another automaker in this matter. Another speculation is using F-150 or Expedition chassis.

Ford Bronco 2016 Price
Ford Bronco 2016 Price

2018 Ford Bronco

For 2018 model, analysts predict this car will use similar engine and minor alteration from 2017. The latest Bronco went on market in 1996. Ford announced this car would be no longer in production and Expedition becomes replacement of Bronco. Ford seems to put not much upgrade and refinement in Expedition since 2017 or third generation. As sport utility car, engine and performance are the top priority to satisfy customers.

2017 Ford Bronco Price Estimation

Initial price of 2017 Ford Bronco might start at $30,000. It is base price for Ford Explorer. However, the price is estimated to be more than $40,000. Full-size SUV is the car with many instrument and high-capacity engine. You hardly find vehicle in this category which has price less than $35,000. Of course, one category can be right choice for Ford to revive Bronco. Premium SUV is suitable for Bronco because the brand awareness is high. Company should consider the next generation of Bronco as premium or luxury car with the price more than $50,000.


2017 Ford Bronco will use two engine models: V8 and V6. For high-performance, customers need V8 engine with capacity more than 5 liter. Bronco is suitable for this engine. As you know, V8 is rare to find in SUV, unless the vehicle is intended for off-road activity. Second engine is V6 with capacity around 3.5 liter. With such engine, this car is estimated to produce more than 350 horsepower.

Manufacturer will put many features in this car. Touchscreen display becomes standard equipment in future vehicle. You can use application to check car condition such as engine, fuel consumption, tire pressure, towing capability, etc. This car is equipped with internet connection. Driver can access navigation app to check traffic, destination, weather, and fastest route.

If 2017 Ford Bronco is based on Expedition, the transmission will be six-speed automatic and manual. The car is all-wheel drive and it is easy to handle in off-road situation. Car frame is from high quality material which firm and strong. All lights are LED and new grille is placed on the front. Its design will look slightly hardline type but smoother than old Bronco. Other features are traction control, anti-lock braking, parking censor, rear camera, blind spot alarm, and unfolded-mode for seats

Forthcoming 2020 Ford Bronco

It is difficult to predict future car without comparing it with others. In 2020, the car might turn into fully digital and eco-friendly engine. Gasoline and diesel will be replaced with electric and solar cell. Of course, the performance is more than 2017 Ford Bronco and it is easy to control. Driver and passenger can connect to internet easily with high-speed Wi-Fi. Moreover, every seat has its own display. The transmission is fully automatic. 2020 is less than five years from now, so the development of car might still similarity with today. You can easy see five years ago with current model. Is there any revolutionary alteration? Future Bronco focuses to engine and equipment to make the car more comfortable and easy to drive.

2020 Ford Bronco

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is one of flagship product of Ford. New generation of this car gets many upgrades to fulfill customer expectation and demand. Initial price is approximately $25,000. New Mustang and 2017 Ford Bronco will increase the sales of Ford in automotive market.

2018 Mazda CX-5 Redesign

www.ibucar.com – Most people have their own preference about the best type of a car. Some of them prefer sport cars. Meanwhile, the rest prefer SUV. Sport car has expressive aerodynamic design. Meanwhile, the SUV has spacious cabin room. Combining both of those qualities into a car will make a unique design that can draw market attention. 2018 Mazda CX-5 is the perfect example of this crossover. It is not only has sporty exterior design, but also spacious cabin interior. As a leading automobile manufacturer, Mazda equipped its impressive design with powerful specs and plenty of useful features.

Once you step into this remarkable car, you will realize that the manufacturer uses finest materials on the design inside the car. Leather upholstering material is used to make its occupants feel comfortable. The rumor says that Mazda learned step back on previous model to redesign this vehicle. Central command feature is located next to steering wheel. Meanwhile, infotainment system is mounted on dashboard. In order to make driver and passenger feel convenience, it is equipped with basic features such as climate control, connectivity, and audio speaker. Power-adjusted seat is also available inside this crossover vehicle.

2018 Mazda CX-5 Redesign
2018 Mazda CX-5 Redesign

2018 Mazda CX-5 Specs and Price

As it goes with any crossover car, engine is the main aspect that determines its performance. Latest information from the manufacturer says that it will not be different from 2016 Mazda CX-5 version which produced last year. Some automobile enthusiasts speculate that it will use either 2.0 liter or 2.5 liter model. Both models are able to produce sufficient amount of power for the car. Those machines allow the car to have high fuel efficiency. Automatic transmission with six levels of speed is used to make the driver feel comfortable switching between the gears. Moreover, the transmission system is also able to give the responsive and smooth performance.

2018 Mazda CX-5 interior
2018 Mazda CX-5 interior

For a car with high fuel efficiency, 2018 Mazda CX-5 is relatively affordable. The price for this crossover vehicle is ranging from $28,000 up to $30,000.however, it is not official number announced by the manufacturer. Since it is only speculation from automobile enthusiasts by calculating basic material and assembly cost, the number will most likely changing. Although the price is not announced yet, Mazda already give official announcement related to release date. This impressive vehicle will be released in Chinese market by the end of 2018. Furthermore, American and European market will be the main target after it reaches Chinese and Asian range.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault on Ford and How to Overcome This Problem

www.ibucar.com – To increase safety during driving, automotive makers install special system to monitor air pressure inside the pneumatic tire. This system is applied in modern car. As prominent company in automotive industry, Ford has implemented this system since long time. Tire pressure sensor fault on Ford can be seen on the front dashboard with standard icon. Yellow means the tire pressure is under inflated condition and it is unsafe for further driving.

What Does Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Mean

To monitor air pressure inside tire on the car, manufacturer uses two type of system. Firstly, direct monitoring system has internal or external sensor to measure air pressure on the wheels. When one or several wheels are in low pressure, signal will be sent into dashboard to inform driver. Secondly, indirect system calculates tire pressure based on indirect data such as wheel rotation, fuel consumption, and car speed at certain level.

What does tire pressure sensor fault mean? To make it simple, you can think that tire sensor areas are similar to fuel indicator. When fuel is running low, indicator will pass certain point. In such situation, driver should refill fuel inside car tank. It goes the same to tire pressure. When the sign is on, driver should put more concern to fix tire pressure. Sometimes, sensor cannot show the real condition of tire that creates fault system. Fault sign on system does not mean that tire is inflated. Driver can check immediately with external device to make sure that everything is under control.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault on Ford Escape

If you are having tire pressure sensor fault on Ford escape, your car should be immediately fixed. Before going to the authorized dealer, you should know why and when this sensor produces fault indicator. Ford Escape is the car with advanced panel to give the better driving experience and safety procedure as the top priority. Tire pressure system is one of important parts. Finding why fault sign appear is very difficult, unless you have the proper knowledge. On contrary, you can make a note when this sign starts to appear as information for mechanic.

What does tire pressure sensor fault mean on a Ford Escape

When sensor on tire pressure system does not work properly, system will send sign or indicator to driver. The problem is in your system, not tire. In tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Escape, driver might ignore it for a moment. Inflate all of tires then start to fill air one by one. If the indicator is having trouble, the fault sign might be still there.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault on Ford Escape
Tire Pressure Sensor Fault on Ford Escape

How to reset tire pressure sensor fault Ford Escape

When you find tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Escape, there are two ways to solve this problems. You can go to Ford dealer to check the sensors and calibrate them. This process might take time and cost some money. You need this process after reset the system manually from button on the dashboard. It is the second way to reset tire pressure system.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Expedition

Tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Expedition has been reported and manufacturer tries to solve this problem as soon as possible. In second generation of Ford Expedition, this tire pressure problem appears because of several problems. If you have this car at home and experience the same problem, it is strongly recommended to go to dealer. In some case, reset button is not working anymore and system still shows the fault sign.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Expedition
Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Expedition
  • Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Expedition 2004

Ford Expedition 2004 gets no major refinement from previous model. It is still a part of second generation. Customers rarely report tire pressure failure in this model. However, regular check up and maintenance will be better to keep the car on good condition.

  • Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Expedition 2005

Several reports showed sensor fault at tire pressure system in Ford Expedition 2005 model. Each year, manufacturer puts many upgrade in safety system to keep driver and passenger feel safe while driving. If tire pressure sensor fault on Ford happens, you can ask mechanic to check the tire condition manually. Sometimes, this sign occurs as the result of improper placement of new tire.

  • Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Expedition 2007

Major tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Expedition comes from 2007 model. In Ford forum, several owners got trouble in tire pressure system then they take time to fix at dealer. As full size sport utility vehicle, this system is very important as a part of safety specs.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Focus

Ford Focus is the flagship product from Ford Company. This car went on market since 1998. New generation of this car has been equipped with high-tech system such as air pressure sensor. Due to various reasons, customer might experience tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Focus. If this happens, you should keep calm and look thoroughly on the car system. You can check the battery and wire of this system or sensor around the wheels.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Focus
Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Focus

Ford tire pressure sensor failure

Failure on tire system will affect driver, engine, and overall car performance. To make sure this failure is on the device, you can check tire pressure manually or using external tools. The simple way is by inflating all of tires, then see if indicator is in the right point. After that, fill again tire with air, but in limited pressure. Add slowly then see if the indicator moves.

Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Focus 2009

For customers that have tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Focus 2009, the only way is going to mechanic. 2009 model is a part of second generation of Ford Focus. The technology and specification are different from recent model. Some parts of tire pressure system might need to be upgraded into recent technology to prevent the sensor fault.

Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Focus 2010

To fix tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Focus 2010, driver can do it manually without mechanic help. Press reset button on dashboard and wait for a moment. Recent technology on tire pressure system contains history from time to time. Fault sign might be the false alarm on tire condition. If you just change tire into new one, this sign is the result of improper position of tire. Moreover, sensor can detect properly and send message to driver via dashboard.

Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Focus 2012

The advantage of new car is the automatic system. All of signs and indicators are available for driver. When one system shows fault, driver can reset it into new condition. It is similar in air pressure system. Manufacturer installs the direct system to monitor air pressure. It will prevent the inflated tire during journey. 2012 Ford Focus is a part of third generation that already gets refinement on engine, driving panel and safety system.

2013 Ford Focus tire pressure sensor reset

Resetting sensor after having tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Focus 2013 might take time. As modern vehicle, all of systems are connected each other. Driver can see several indicators on air pressure system at the front dashboard. Press reset button to clear historical data about the previous tire condition. If this thing does not work, you should bring the car to Ford dealer.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is the sport and high performance car with advanced technology and panels. Tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Mustang rarely appears. Manufacturer establishes high-level inspection in each of mustang product. This process aims to provide high quality car with low probability of being defect. If tire pressure system is fault, owner can do some matters to get into normal state and enjoy driving.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Mustang
Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Mustang

2007 Ford Mustang tire pressure sensor fault

First generation of Ford Mustang went on market in 1964. In that time, this car reached utmost popularity as two seated vehicle. Mustang creates pony car class in automotive market. It is sport car for America market and several brands produce similar model as competitor. 2007 model is fifth generation of Mustang that has many new refinements, including tire pressure. Having tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Mustang can be fixed in authorized dealer.

2008 Ford Mustang tire pressure sensor fault

Tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Mustang comes as result of low battery capacity. Car’s owner can go to dealer and recharging again. If battery is still in good condition, the problem is easily done. Unfortunately, low battery comes as result of degraded condition. In such situation, the car needs new battery.

Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Mustang 2010

Tire pressure is important on sport car. You need proper tire condition to match with speed. System will send fault message when one of sensors cannot detect the tire pressure. In Ford Mustang 2010, this condition comes as effect of some reasons. Sensor is not working because it is in improper place. Another reason is about the computer malfunction.

Tire pressure sensor fault Ford Mustang 2014

Manufacturer tries to fix tire pressure sensor fault on Ford Mustang in new model. 2014 variant is a part of fifth generation and many essential parts have been upgraded. Car with problem in this area has to be sent to dealer to get comprehensive checking.

How to Fix Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

To fix tire pressure sensor fault on Ford, owner can do two things. If the car is new or equipped with automatic system, reset button on tire pressure system will help to overcome this problem. Recent Ford cars have been installed with advanced tire pressure system. If you change tire in non-authorized dealer, the fault sign might appears because the mechanic does not put tire properly.

Second way to fix tire pressure sensor fault on Ford is by asking dealer to check this system comprehensively. Ask mechanic to check tire pressure manually to see whether the system works or not. Fixing this problem will take time, so be patient until the car comes back to normal again.