Toyota Tacoma 2017 Finally Unveiled

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro – The power of Toyota has been accepted by so many automotive lovers all around the world. Famous with its entire spacious vehicle product, Toyota is always awaited. One of the newest released information shows that Toyota Tacoma 2017 will be the next gig.

This is one of the pickup based vehicles that are intended for travelers, sport lovers and even they who love around the countryside. In the process of release, there are some other project that will also be the competitor such as 2016 GMC Canyon and 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. To know whether Tacoma do lot of developments, let’s take a look deeper for this product.

What is New from Toyota Tacoma 2017?

Once you look at the design of Toyota Tacoma 2017, you will find so many things that are different on its interior and exterior. The basic design of the car is still carrying the concept of crew cab vehicle. Toyota is calling this type of car as 4runner series. This has the character of radiator grille which is trapezoidal. The other characters that strengthen its performance are the new led light for front and rear area. The bumper is also more interesting with the existence of Tacoma tag.

Toyota Tacoma 2017 TRD Pro
2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

In gaining the better user support for Toyota Tacoma 2017 interior review, Toyota bring bunch of benefits around. There, you will have metallic color as the interior basic ornaments. There will also be GoPro camera that is placed near the center mirror. This gives you best view of the whole journey. The entire upholstery is wrapped with leather for better durability. All the menus of your dashboard are freely controlled by using the touch screen user interface instead. The cargo is also more flexible since the new size is added. Other attractive features you need to know are traction control, the blind spot warning, another warning for lane departure and also the climate control. Some other sensor might also be available here.

It is almost impossible to ignore about the engine of Toyota Tacoma 2017. Tacoma series is famous for the strength of the engine in all road condition. It can even work well when you bring the car into rough road surface. The basic type engine specs which are offered will give you 2.7 liter of engine size. It comes with 4 cylinder based that can release about 159 horsepower for  car performance. The torque of this new Tacoma can reach 180 lb ft. For the other version, there will also 5.0 liter engine size which is supported by Cummin diesel motor performance. In giving the better satisfactory for all users, Toyota gives high fuel economy for this car.

It will only consume 19 mpg as the city driving options. Somehow, 25 mpg is offered for its highway driving performance. Although Toyota Tacoma 2017 is planned to be existed in next year, the newest release date plan shows that in the end of 2016, this car will start to be launched. You need to prepare $30,500 price for the highest trim of this new Tacoma.

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