Turquoise Bracelet, the Artifact of the Sky

turquoise bracelet

www.ibucar.com – As a vital part in the world of jewelry, turquoise is a unique gemstone with distinct characteristics and history. It is a bright blue-colored gemstone with exotic feel one can understand by simply gazing it. Turquoise has been made into various accessories such as turquoise bracelet. Moreover, jewelries made of turquoise possess a very unique history. Many fans of jewelry and gemstone have no idea that turquoise itself is the icon of Native American Indians. With the latest technology and creativity, you can now not only create a DIY bracelet made from turquoise, but also learn and understand how important this jewelry is at the hand of world history.

turquoise bracelet
turquoise bracelet

Turquoise Bracelet as the Icon of the Past

Turquoise bracelet is actually an ancient jewelry, similar to the jewelries made in turquoise. Back in 200 B.C., Native American Indians—particularly the Anasazi Indian Culture—began to dig and mine for turquoise. During the first time turquoise was discovered, Anasazi people began to create turquoise ornaments by grinding the gemstone by hand.

Because of the painful process, Anasazi people struggled and finally found a way to drill holes into the turquoise. By the year 100 B.C., Anasazi people managed to create turquoise beads and jewelries. One of the jewelries they made is turquoise bracelet.

However, how is this one so important to the American Indians? It was their culture to pay respect to turquoise gemstone due to its powerful spiritual energy. Indeed, Native Americans believed that it is a sacred gemstone from the sky above; the gods above. This is how turquoise received its unique nickname, the “Skystone.” For decades, it was used and worshipped as a gemstone with healing energy. Such tradition continued for a long time until the Anasazi people began to show a change.

turquoise earrings
turquoise earrings

After the Anasazi people began to leave their former land, the Santo Domingo Indians who lived in Santo Domingo Pueblo started over the whole turquoise business. Santo Domingo people lived exactly nearby a major trade route called Santa Fe and made use of turquoise as the local’s point of interest. In the 1500’s A.D., turquoise jewelry was commercially produced by the Santo Domingo Pueblo. This icon of Native American Indians was later found itself shipped across the whole America by storm in 1650 A.D. It was during this time that turquoise bracelet also became a trend among Americans. Even today, many Americans respect the turquoise gemstone and jewelry as a part of Native Americans’ culture and history.

Nowadays, people have begun producing turquoise jewelry in unique and efficient ways. While Native American Indians struggled very hard to simply grind turquoise, today’s modern technology helps the process of making turquoise jewelry way faster and safer than before. Many people can even create their own DIY turquoise bracelet. And now, you can do so as well.

To create this kind of DIY jewelry is not as hard as before, and it will definitely spare your expense. Materials used to create the turquoise bracelet include bronze jump rings, style caps, bronze bracelet, eye pins, headpins, and three types of turquoise beads; 10 mm round beads, 6 mm round beads, and chip beads. For the tools, all you need are needle, round, and diagonal pliers. Here are the steps in making the bracelet.

  1. The first part

First of all, cut the bronze bracelet into two bronze chains. With the bronze jump rings, connect the chains to form a now-detachable bracelet. Remember to preserve the remaining bronze bracelet, as it will become a vital part later on!

  1. Applying the beads

Prepare chip turquoise beads and combine several of them individually with the bronze headpins. On the end of the headpins, create a hoop. Then, combine the chip beads to the bronze chains with the help of jump rings.

  1. Still imperfect

The current combination cannot become a complete turquoise bracelet yet. The step continues as you add style caps to both ends of the combination with bronze eye pins—make sure to get antique style caps! After applying the style caps to both ends, make another hoop to the eye pins.

  1. Hungry for beads

Combine 4 pieces of 10 mm round beads individually with the bronze eye pins and make a hoop to the eye pins. Each two pieces will be combined to both ends of the previous combination. Now is the time to use the remaining bronze bracelet and combine each end to both sides of the combination.

  1. Tying up loose ends

You’re almost there! For the coup de grace, combine four 6 mm round beads individually with four bronze headpins. Make a hoop as usual on the other end and apply these four beads to one of the sides of the bracelet. Either the right side or left side will do; the choice is all yours.

Thus marks the end of the adventure for the turquoise gemstone. The so-called Skystone is indeed remarkable and intriguing in so many ways, and people can now appreciate it through many ways as well. A way to preserve the historic remnant of the Native Americans is by making turquoise jewelry. DIY turquoise bracelet is fun and exciting to make, in addition to its beautiful and soothing aspects.

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