Ultimate Experience with 2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

2017 Toyota Tacoma is part of third generation of pickup vehicle form Toyota that was released in 2015. Several updates have been added and new 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications consists of attractive parts. When you ask people about which pickup should buy, Tacoma will be on the top list. People call this car as Taco that shows how car become part of owner life.

2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications will be explored from cabin, exterior, engine, and performance. From cabin, Tacoma has one-row seat for SR mode and two-row seats for the rest of variants. On the top, moon roof feature is available, so you can see the outside directly. Several controls are installed on front dashboard. Moreover, the seats use high quality leather to make it more comfortable during driving.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

2017 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

New front grille combined with Toyota emblem creates strong appearance. This car already uses LED light for head and rear lamp. With this lamp, driver will see clearly in fog, rain, or snow condition. Besides, the rear lamp shines brighter during night and it is smoother for day to keep the driver safe. In addition, the new tailgate supports towing ability of this car.

The key part in 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications is engine. Manufacturer uses 3.5-liter V6 engine with direct injection mode inside engine room. With this engine, you can receive 278 horsepower. This power is enough to handle off-road, towing, and carrying stuff. Tacoma consists of several variants and each of them uses similar engine platform. Even though this car is not for high speed driving, you need 7.9 seconds to reach 60 mph. Moreover, the top speed is 113 mph. This car has good efficiency rating. One gallon is enough to drive 18 miles in city or 23 miles for highway.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Transmission

For transmission, Tacoma uses 6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode.  Towing capability is up to 6800. You can pull any car from the small city car to the full size SUV. Several features are installed such as blind spot monitor, mounted windshield, push button start, backup camera, and hill assist. Customers can pick accessories and additional tool to support their activity. For safety measures, you can find traction control, brake assist, anti-lock brake system, and smart stop tech. Each of seats has safety belt to keep driver and passenger safety and secured.

2017 toyota tacoma transmission

2017 toyota tacoma transmission

To get Tacoma, you need at least $24,200. This price is for SR mode and the other variants are more than that price. 2017 Toyota Tacoma specifications go side by side with price. After you look this car closely, you will understand why the price is different from previous generation. On market, Toyota products are well-known to offer reasonable price with excellent quality.

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