Unique Design of 2017 Mini Rocketman

2017 Mini Rocketman

2017 Mini Rocketman Price – When driving in highway with other road users, you might want to look stand out than the others. One method that you can try to be different is driving car with unique design. 2017 Mini Rocketman puts a lot of effort to enhance its appearance. The result of this effort is mini car with attractive design. Having small and rounded layout, the main competitors of this series is other mini cars manufactured by Fiat, Volkswagen Beetle, or Nissan Juke.

2017 Mini Rocketman
2017 Mini Rocketman Specs

Unique Layout with Superior Feature of 2017 Mini Rocketman

The unique layout of 2017 Mini Rocketman appears to be futuristic. It can be seen from the compact structure of the exterior design. The grille comes at oval shape located between LED headlights. Headlights featuring LED is also used on 2017 Audi R8 Spyder. However, Mini Rocketman uses rounded shape instead of sharp lines as it goes with Audi R8 Spyder. Smooth curvatures are also used on the other parts of the car, including the roof.

This German automaker uses round theme on the interior as well. Aside from the steering wheel, most features of this mini car take advantage of round shape. The curvy dashboard is mounted by navigation system. The upholstering material is smooth and comforting. Standard features such as connectivity, climate control, and other feature are digitally controlled. They put safety measure as the top priority. Even though the compact dimension of this vehicle limits its cabin space, it is able to accommodate up to four adult passengers.

2017 Mini Rocketman interior
2017 Mini Rocketman interior

Impressive Engine to Achieve the Best Performance

Normally, people take lightly the performance of small car. However, 2017 Mini Rocketman is not the case. It uses 1.5 liter of engine that is able to produce 135 horsepower and torque of 170 lb-ft. It might less powerful than engine used under the hood of Audi Q5. However, the fuel efficiency of this small car is definitely comparable. Most importantly, it does not produce excessive emission, thus environmental friendly.

Based on the test drive performed on this car, it is able to give good performance. The EPA figure when being used to drive on highway is about 91 mpg. Meanwhile, on the city roads, it takes only 78 mpg. The transmission system of this car comes in either manual or automatic. In order to achieve 60 mph from 0 mph, it takes less than eight seconds. On its finest speed, it is able to accelerate up to 134 mph.

The 2017 Mini Rocketman is refurbished model from the old version. With impressive design, it is able to compete with its rivals. People who are fans for vehicle with futuristic feature, they need to wait for the official release. The automaker mentions that it will be available before 2016 ended.

2017 Mini Rocketman Price

When it comes for selecting car, pricing is also an important consideration. The base model of 2017 Mini Rocketman is offered at $15,000. Given the feature and specification added on this futuristic automobile, this price is considered as affordable price. The automobile company knows how to attract its customers with affordable price and attractive layout.

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